Unable to add a Calendar event

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    21 Jul 2019 Test Pilot
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    I can't add a Calendar event. It seems although I have a number of items in the Resources section when I try to add a calendar event the Resources drop down is unpopulated it just displays 'Cancel'.
    I've also tried right clicking on the calendar and selecting 'Add a new Resource', then added a resource but this resource still does not show in the event dropdown, (but it does show in the Resources section). I then tried deleting all my resources and just leaving a default one and this still didn't show in the Calendar event resources drop down.

    The strange thing is when I first purchased the program I could add calendar events and the 'Default' resource showed in the event dropdown. These old Calendar events when I double click on them show no resource against them and DP complains 'You must choose a Calendar Resource.....'

    I haven't changed the 'Resources Folders Naming Format' and can't find any forum topics on this problem.
    Sorry if I seem to be continually coming up with problems but I'd really like to use this PIM in my research work but it has to be pretty bullet proof.

    Edit: If I create a new database then the resources do show correctly in the Calendar event dropdown, so somehow in the previous database the interplay between Calendar events and Resources has become disconnected. Is there any idea what went wrong? Is there a way to fix it? I tend sometimes just to shutdown Windows without shutting down DP, could this have caused it? I've tried the 'Repair Database...' and 'Compact Database...' options but still the same.

  2. BiteSpire

    22 Jul 2019 Administrator

    I believe the problem may be due to Resources not being assigned as a Calendar Resource. You have to mark the Resource accordingly. By default, a new database comes with one Resource record "Default" which is marked as a Calendar Resource. Hence the reason why your new database appears to function correctly.

    You need to go back to your Resource you want as a Calendar Resource then edit the record accordingly.


    These help pages explain Calendar Resources:

  3. Voltaire

    22 Jul 2019 Test Pilot
    Edited 4 years ago by Voltaire

    Yes you're absolutely correct. Apologies over taking up your time. I was a bit daft there.

    Will now take some time to properly read through the help screens.

  4. BiteSpire

    22 Jul 2019 Administrator

    It's no bother at all. Happy to give help and advice, if I can. :)

    - Chris


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