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    22 Jul 2019 Test Pilot
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    Noticed that when playing certain YouTube videos the built in browser will only display them in 360p. They will play at higher resolutions in Chrome. YouTube has a page about the problem and says "some browsers do not support newer video formats or quality options. This means these browsers may only have one or two video formats to choose from."

    Is this a restriction of the built in browser? Is there any fix or update possible in the future? I could of course set the URL to play in the external browser but this internal one is very handy to have and use.

  2. BiteSpire

    23 Jul 2019 Administrator

    The problem is one of legality.

    Chrome has licences for all the major video formats and is coded to play videos better.
    doogiePIM doesn't have all the needed licences yet.

    There is one major format, H.264. This format is widely used and I'm in the process of obtaining the licence to use this in my software. I could use rogue libraries but that would be illegal.

    As at the time of writing, I'm waiting for approval to use the patented format H.264 in doogiePIM. Once done, the range and formats of the built-in video player will greatly improve.

    - Chris

  3. Voltaire

    23 Jul 2019 Test Pilot

    You're right, there's no way you should step outside the law. For the little I looked at it, H.264 licencing seems costly and confusing. This is not a big problem at all and should as you say in due course be resolved.
    Thanks for the reply.

  4. Edited 3 years ago by doogieUser

    @BiteSpire I could use rogue libraries but that would be illegal

    Try to approach the solution differently.

    Add the ability for users to connect the assembly themselves - copy a file to doogiePIM folder,
    or ability to specify the assembly name in the settings.


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