PDF Page Bookmarks

  1. 4 years ago


    25 Jul 2019 Test Pilot

    When viewing a .pdf inside doogiePIM and right clicking, if you select 'Bookmark this Page' all I seem to be able to do is create a bookmark for the pdf. Should this create a bookmark for the actual page or am I missing something. I can add the page number myself using the parameter '#page = pagenum' to the end of the file name, but could or should doogiePIM do this?


  2. BiteSpire

    26 Jul 2019 Administrator

    When Bookmarking, the system tries to bookmark the current URL displayed. However, you'll be pleased to know this feature of bookmarking the page position is on the schedule of development.... and yes, I use doogiePIM to develop doogiePIM.... doogieception!


    Thanks for support of the feature.


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