Open file formats vs Third-party database

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    One file is convenient to transfer, but this does not cover the risks of possible loss of information or bugs with your software or format.
    Regular files in a reliable file system are much safer.

    As a database option, can be consider mounting an image with a file system, which is also convenient to transfer.
    Additional data and indexes can be stored in an auxiliary file.

    But, of course, your own database format is a good way to retain customers.

  2. BiteSpire

    16 Jan 2020 Administrator

    Thanks for all the ideas and feedback.

    The bespoke database format was made a long time again as there was no fast indexing, quick retrieval and compact storage system at the time of development. Of course, now we have lots of base file systems to use, such as DropBox and Microsoft drive (yuk).

    I'm sure a file/folder based system could be implemented although it wouldn't be as compact and as fast to retrieve data than the current model.

    Brainstorming will ensue. :)

  3. Will have to use emacs, with its org-mode, browsers and other...

  4. BiteSpire

    19 Jan 2020 Administrator

    I agree, GNUMACS is a great solution for Tex and LaTex documents.

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    I admit, studying elisp in order to properly configure emacs is not one of the most pleasant and it becomes a problem in itself... Moreover, the org mode does not imply WYSIWYG editing.

    @BiteSpire Consider ideas from this: zim-desktop-wiki
    They use a simple text format (Markdown) that allows search the contents of any program, even windows + backup is implemented through git (may seem controversial, but it doesn’t bother the user).

    I hope you prefer a simple, open formats for yourself and users.

  6. BiteSpire

    27 Mar 2020 Administrator

    Hmm..... Interesting.....

    I need to look further into this but I don't like the idea of having open text, unencrypted files hanging around a disk structure.

    The game is afoot.

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    but I don't like the idea of having open text, unencrypted files hanging around a disk structure

    If the user needs it, probably he can already solve it himself, for example, with a mounted cryptocontainer (disk), which is compatible with iOS and Android. I do not suggest cutting out database support.

  8. You can try to solve all the desires of the user in one product, but since each direction requires continually developed and it can lose in quality and possibilities.

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    As an example, important features that are already available in individual completed products.

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