doogiePIM version is now available

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    18 Feb 2020 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Quite a few little fixes and improvements in the latest public version of doogiePIM. Windows 7 users should notice some improvements to running doogie but note the minimum Windows 7 is now Home Premium SP1.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, bug reports and ideas. One idea came from a user to allow selective sections of the database to index. You can find this new option in the Tools/Settings window:


    Another improvement is to the Undo buffer in Documents and Journals. Now, when you Save the document (manually or automatic) the current Undo buffer isn't cleared. So, unless you load another document, you get the complete undo buffer to correct typing, even changes made before you saved. The Undo buffer will reset if you go to another document or restart doogiePIM though.




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