Knock, knock! Anyone Home?

  1. 2 years ago


    30 Jun 2020 Test Pilot

    Hi Chris!

    Haven't seen much action here lately and hope all is well with you and yours.
    Just wanted to touch base and find out if you are still developing. Hoping Covid-19
    hasn't affected you or any other DoogiePIM users. Take good care all!

  2. rgdot

    30 Jun 2020 Test Pilot

    Hope Chris and everybody doing ok in this crazy time, and development is moving along.
    I would suggest that the v3 killer features thread be unstickied or at least edited, a more than 2 years old thread referencing a version which is likely not close even this long later doesn't look good imo.

  3. BiteSpire

    1 Jul 2020 Administrator

    Hi there and, likewise, we hope everyone is coping well.

    This is a testing time for humanity and our resources. I'm very sure the powers at be have our lives at the heart of their actions. Patience and trust in those of a higher knowledge is key to a good outcome plus a dash of respect for our fellow neighbour. So, keep safe and follow those guidelines. When one is unsure then common sense prevails.

    We would still like the v3 thread kept as this is referenced. Yes, the development of v3 is still continuing but at a slower rate (for obvious reasons all too known in 2020).

    Therefore, if you have any further ideas and thoughts about what you would like to see in v3, please please pop a post on that thread. We may not see v3 until 2021 but it will certainly be developed.

    Stay safe.
    Chris and crew.

  4. RandallG

    2 Jul 2020 Test Pilot
    Edited 2 years ago by RandallG

    BiteSpire.... It would be really difficult to ask for or desire any more features than DoogiePIM already has. If someone needs more power or features than DoogiePIM already has, perhaps they should develop a complete Operating System that becomes the utopia or panacea they seek! Just sayin'! I love DoogiePIM just as it is. I really find it hard to believe anyone could want or need more from a PIM.


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