Flash In The Pan

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    22 Aug 2020 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Adobe Flash will officially retire on 31 December 2020.

    That familiar message we see when loading up a webpage that has a movie embedded on it. "You need Flash Player". Worry no more. doogiePIM will now attempt to play that movie with more secure movie formats. This means you'll see those movie clips on Twitter, Facebook and other embedded video. Therefore, the option to enable Flash within doogiePIM has been removed.

    Flash has had a long road of security headaches over the last few years. So much so that anyone with a slight concern over the security of their privacy data wouldn't use the movie plugin. Adobe has now given in and will officially retire the buggy and unsecure Flash plugin.

    What does this major change mean to us? Well, better security, fewer bugs, fewer browser crashes and more of a standardardised movie format across the web-o-sphere.

    What's new in doogiePIM 2.2

    Some internal stability has been greatly improved, especially when handling several windows over multiple monitors of various resolutions. I recently found that out myself when trying to watch the latest Star Wars on my laptop whilst working on the connected 4k monitor. Now the fullscreen mode works like a dream.

    Google recently made a few changes to their login code to start rejecting browsers that were "unsecure". In other words; not Chrome, Microsoft Edge or other major browser from a company that has a profit margin greater than the GDP of a small country. doogiePIM is a small humble project that implements various solutions to how I wish to work and is appreciated by quite a few other great minds ;) Well good news... It appears the battle between Google and doogiePIM has turned to friendship.... until they start being unfair to the community again.

    "Don't be Evil".

    I truly hope you enjoy the new release of doogiePIM . I'm quite happy with this iteration as things are really improving in stability and features. Version 3 is round the corner and I just know you lot are itching to try out those Recurring Tasks ;)

    Keep your eyes peeled on the beta page and please, everyone, stay safe.



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