Questions: text size, languages.

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    - In my system settings, the text size is set to 125%. It seems that doogiePIM does not adapt to this setting and truncates text or cuts off the lower part of texts. Can I change this?

    - Will there be any translated GUIs available in the near future (German)?

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  2. Chris

    26 Aug 2020 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Please send me a quick screenshot of what you see. It would help to identify and fix any glitches.
    You could also check the Theme font used and adjust the font size from within doogiePIM.


    I don't have any volunteers for German UI yet. Care to give it a go?

    - Chris

  3. Hello Chris,

    most occurances of cut off text could be temporarily fixed by choosing a smaller Base Font size. This, however, hurts the eyes over time...
    Since I am just at the beginning of finding the right PIM for me, I will take my time and come back with this issue when the evaluation is over.

    I had a look at the language file used for translations. It seems a daunting task, no question. I will do the easier parts during evaluation. For being able to deliver a precise translation, one has to know the whole program quite good. So, if doogiePIM will be the one I choose, I will give you a note.

    Although I have only scratched the surface of what your software is capable to do, I am somewhat surprised that there are no finished translations yet (besides Russian, 99%).

    Best Regards,

    B.t.w., another question :) : do you plan to offer exporting emails in eml file type?

  4. Chris

    27 Aug 2020 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
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    One can export an email message in either EML or MBX format. Use the "File/Export/Mail Message" command option and choose "EML" from the file type combobox.

    Thank you for even considering to look at the translations and for supporting doogiePIM. I'm a research scientist not a marketeer so I haven't really introduced doogiePIM properly to the world. As I use doogie for my own work this is built from a need of various data storage functions and security.

    I truly hope you enjoy the journey through the application.


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