Hi Chris,
About a couple of months ago I emailed you about the problem I had with rules and I couldn't get them to work. I created simple rules and they just did not work. I know you have told me that you had no problem getting your rules to work. You have to remember that your are in Europe and I am in the US. I am not sure how you answer your support issues either here on the forums or by email. That is not clear because you have done both. I get it Chris. You have much going on. So do I. I have been in the computer support field for 38 years which is a long time. I know my way around the computer. The rules I set up, I tried on two different occasions thinking possibly I did something the wrong the first time but they failed both times I tried. I must have worked on it for at least two hours with no success. I am sorry but I don't have lots of time to invest in something that I can't get to work. I am willing to work together with you on this. I know we are 6 hours apart. I can't use Doogie because of this issue. I have not tried the latest version but I did try it with the version before this new one. I would like to know if I am either doing something wrong or if something needs to be fixed or looked at. I would appreciate a response on how we can move forward on this. If you have to connect to my computer, I have no problem with that. Thank you.