1. 2 years ago


    I am currently using three other PIM programs (ADHD at its best) but would love to use Doggie PIM exclusively as my one and only. The thing holding me back is the lack of synchronization with either Google or Outlook calendars. Synchronizing with tasks would be a plus but synchronizing with calendars is a must.

    1. Do you have any idea when this feature may be available if you're working on it?
    2. Any workarounds in place that other users may have be using to synchronize their calendar and possibly tasks with Google calendar?
  2. BiteSpire

    15 Oct 2020 Administrator

    The only "sync" feature in doogiePIM v2 is the manual import/export of the Calendar data ICS file. Google gives an ICS file via a URL you can get from the Google Calendar. If you browse to this special URL, doogiePIM will ask if you want to download and import the ICS file into your doogiePIM Calendar.

    Outlook calendars can be imported/exported using the Import/Export Data menu command in the File menu.

    Data in and out of doogiePIM is a feature that is concentrated on, in the upcoming version 3.


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