Capturing Web Pages

  1. 2 years ago


    1 Dec 2020 Test Pilot

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to help out with capturing web pages with text and graphics. I know is going to add this in version 3, I think but there is a way to do this. It requires a few steps and an additional program. I have been doing it for quite some time with applications that don't support this. I know two programs work. You either need MS Word or Atlantis Word Processor. You copy the web page by highlighting the text and graphics. After you do that paste it into Word or Atlantis. Once you that, you can edit the information, then do another copy from within Word or Atlantis and then paste it into Doogie. I get it. It requires another application and a little extra work but it is a work around until Chris gets that function implemented. Word or Atlantis converts the text and graphics into RTF which then most programs can read. Hope that helps.

  2. BiteSpire

    3 Dec 2020 Administrator

    That's a great little tip there.

    Yes, version 3 has a better system of collecting web page snippets, text and images. I'm planning a feature list in January 2021 so people can comment their ideas.

    - chris

  3. scooterg

    4 Dec 2020 Test Pilot

    You are welcome Chris. I have know this for a while since I have tried it with other applications. I have only seen it work with MS Word and now Atlantis. I have tried other word processors with no success. Looking forward to the new version. I read what is going on Bitsdujour. I also realized Chris on why you can create many email accounts and only have one inbox. Was used to having multiple accounts and multiple inboxes. I reallzed that takes up lots of time to look through all of those accounts and inboxes.


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