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  1. 2 years ago


    7 Dec 2020 Test Pilot

    Hi Chris,
    I am using version 2.3. I want to have multiple signatures for a couple of business accounts. I created one signature and saved it in a do not. I want to create another signature for another account. Is there a way to link up that one signature for one account and the other signature for another account? I am assuming that I have to create two different todo note files for this purpose. Thanks.

  2. Chris

    7 Dec 2020 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    There is no automatic switch for Email account signatures depending on the account used.

    The easiest method is to use the Drafts/Templates feature. On the right side of the Email Message window is a hidden panel that can be exposed using the icon.

    You can also manage and edit the draft templates using the Messages folder/navigator tree.

    Just compose a new message template for each account then insert which template you want to use when make replies.

    To save the template, just use the "Save To Drafts/Templates" command in the edit window.



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