doogiePIM v3 final release will be 1st August 2021, get 25% off now

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    8 Jan 2021 Administrator
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    If you don't have a doogie key then hurry as this discount won’t last beyond the release date.

    Grab your licence key here:

    Buying a v2 licence now will guarantee you version 3 for free. Your version 2 licence key will work for either version.

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    Is this promise still in place?
    I purchased the last bitsdujour promotion because of this promise.

    I held off using it because I really needed the google sync option, I am really hoping the v3 upgrade promise is still in place and the sync option will be there on release. Currently I am all over the place regarding taks, notes,.... I need this centralized and I played around with the v2 version and was really really impressed on how almost everything can be "connected" with a full browser implemented.

    Believe me, I am counting the days until release with you!

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    May 9 Test Pilot


    Chris, haven't seen you post in a while. Hope all is well.


  5. Chris

    May 11 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
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    All is wonderful..... now ;)

    I've managed to acquire the final legal go ahead with certain paperwork and libraries included with doogie. Mainly from Google and Apple. Wow, the big boys take a long time to deal with. Now that is sorted out, I'm making final adjustments with some in-house alpha testing (sorry, no public beta release yet).

    The earliest legal date I may offer to the public is.....

    1st July 2021

    Therefore, pop that in your calendar. I may offer it privately to certain beta testers 2 or 3 weeks before that so if you're interested just drop me a DM with:

    1. Your PC configuration.
    2. Windows operating system version.
    3. Mobile operating system version (Android, iPhone, etc).
    4. Your willingness to tear it apart, crash it, pop it in the toaster, give it a thrashing, and send me lots of feedback.

    I will only accept "doogie Alpha" applications for individuals with an existing doogiePIM licence (any version).
    If you need a licence, head over to the Purchase page , (or the bottom of this page) to grab one for half price...

    Many thanks for all your feedback, ideas, suggestions, bug reports and most of all, your support and patience.

    To account for the difference in schedule, I'll be giving every licence bought after June 2020, extended support and maintenance updates for free until 31st July 2022 (instead of April 2022).

    I hope everyone is coping well in the new year of drugs. Keep your chin up and let's forge forward into a brighter future.


  6. SarahK

    May 11 Test Pilot

    Nice update, Chris. Looking forward to seeing what you've done!

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    Jul 1 Test Pilot

    Happy July, Chris! Looking forward to seeing your work!

  8. doogieUser

    Jul 1 Test Pilot


  9. SarahK

    Jul 1 Test Pilot

    Yep. It's that, "don't think about it" approach, never works.
    It would be far more difficult hough if this were v1.1. Very pleased to have DoogiePIM to begin with

  10. Chuck

    Jul 2 Test Pilot

    Chris, hope all is well. Would appreciate an update... :)

  11. Chris

    Jul 3 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Everything is tickety-boo, thanks for asking.

    I've set up a schedule for July, as follows;
    10 July 2021 - First Alpha release uploaded for Developers.
    15 July 2021 - First Alpha release uploaded for Test Pilots.
    20 July 2021 - First Beta release for Test Pilots.
    31 July 2021 - First major release version 3.0.0 for everyone.
    1 August 2021 and onwards will be public versions. Development will continue to add in all the promised remaining features, plus some things I've not told you about (queue mysterious music).

    So, please excuse the mess. There will be some slippery floors whilst the site is under construction, help writing, account handling, and all manner of bug splatter.

    Are you brave enough to take to the air and be a Test Pilot. I can guarantee there will be at least one crash, and not a single Cloud to be seen (pun intended). :)
    If you're as brave as Chuck Jeager then drop me a line and I'll set your forum account to "Test Pilot" mode.
    Being a Test Pilot enables you to download Alpha and Beta versions of my software for you to barnstorm and submit your feedback in the Test Pilot's Tea Room.

    Have a great 4th, all you Americans. Be safe. Be Happy.

    - Chris

  12. Chuck

    Jul 3 Test Pilot

    Thanks for the update Chris. Look forward to seeing the result of all our hard work! Have a great weekend!

  13. 2 weeks ago

    Been checking in to see if it is close to release.
    Looking forward to it.


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