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    14 Jan 2021 Test Pilot

    The main window has the X to minimize of course (btw is that a setting that my memory is failing about where to change?) Is it possible for DoNotes to act in the same way?

  2. BiteSpire

    15 Jan 2021 Administrator
    Edited last year by BiteSpire

    Clicking X is usually to close that window. This is pretty standard throughout.

    The main window of doogiePIM is no exception. If you click X on the main window, that window will close, releasing memory and auto saving any document that was open. However, doogiePIM being a timer/schedule based application, will run in the background to serve any Task and Calendar reminders, gather Email and be on-hand for when you need it. Hence the reason for a doogiePIM Shutdown command in the File menu and on the context menu of the system tray icon.

    To minimize any doNotes would need you to click the Minimize button "_".

  3. rgdot

    15 Jan 2021 Test Pilot

    Thanks for the explanation. Yes of course X close is standard and I know what _ does.
    I do have two other programs that act the same way (a clipboard manager and a shortcut bar) as doogiePIM when clicking X. I was wondering if doNotes can do the same? because I am using doNotes as sticky notes so clicking X acting the same way is just as important, to me at least.


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