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    14 Jan 2021 Test Pilot

    The main window has the X to minimize of course (btw is that a setting that my memory is failing about where to change?) Is it possible for DoNotes to act in the same way?

  2. BiteSpire

    15 Jan 2021 Administrator
    Edited 2 years ago by BiteSpire

    Clicking X is usually to close that window. This is pretty standard throughout.

    The main window of doogiePIM is no exception. If you click X on the main window, that window will close, releasing memory and auto saving any document that was open. However, doogiePIM being a timer/schedule based application, will run in the background to serve any Task and Calendar reminders, gather Email and be on-hand for when you need it. Hence the reason for a doogiePIM Shutdown command in the File menu and on the context menu of the system tray icon.

    To minimize any doNotes would need you to click the Minimize button "_".

  3. rgdot

    15 Jan 2021 Test Pilot

    Thanks for the explanation. Yes of course X close is standard and I know what _ does.
    I do have two other programs that act the same way (a clipboard manager and a shortcut bar) as doogiePIM when clicking X. I was wondering if doNotes can do the same? because I am using doNotes as sticky notes so clicking X acting the same way is just as important, to me at least.


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