New to Doogie, help with Gmail required

  1. 2 years ago

    As a long time user of Do-organiser in the past I was interested when I come across Doogie.
    I'm using the trial version but I'm having a problem with Gmail. I use Imap and have got it working basically but it only downloads messages from the inbox but not other folders. I have Gmail setup to sort incoming messages using their label system (I call it folders) . Other email clients download all messages from all the folders without a problem.
    Have I missed something in the setup of my mail account?


  2. Chris

    25 Jul 2021 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Hi Paul and welcome to the community.

    Ah! do-Organizer. Wow, that was a long time ago. Thank you for trying out the reincarnation of the doo.

    Alas, IMAP in the new doogie will only take the Inbox.... However.... version 3 (coming soon) will take into account all IMAP folders, but will still place them into the doogie Inbox for later distribution using Rules.

    Again, thank you and I'm pretty sure you'll love the new version 3 major update.

  3. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for the reply, I'll look forward to giving V3 a try but I'm disappointed that it won't reproduce the folders already in place with the Gmail label system. All other email clients I've used seem to do this without a problem.
    I'm currently using EPim for general email, task, appointments and to a limited extent notes (I also use Evernote for my main reference and document storage)


  4. Chris

    25 Jul 2021 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Version 3 doogie IMAP will be changed a lot but over time and not immediately. The ethos of doogie is to have a local Data Safe and avoid any data being constantly transferred in and out of a cloud. The exception is Email. IMAP is one protocol that is one of the "Always connected" features, this goes against the doogie policy. However, I do have some neat workarounds that will give a similar result and stays true to policy.

    Of course, please use whichever tool you need to get your data done. EPIM is a great tool for cloud sync. The company evens produce the cloud dev libs for other software and accounts for nearly all the different cloud servers. Mozilla Thunderbird is another great Email client... and free (However, their Calendar addon is a potato). Evernote... meh... it used to be good in the old days but corporate teams took over and messed with the poor elephant.

    Anyway.... less rant and more work.... back to the bug bashing :)


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