V3: Vault issues

  1. 2 years ago

    I'm having some issues with the Vault in version 3.
    I've got about 550 passwords, and 4 folders, 2 of which are currently empty.
    Now, when I click on one of the folders, all the passwords are listed. But if I then click on the "all" folder, containing all the passwords, the program behaves erratically: only a few of the passwords are listed, definitely not the full list. Even the alphabetical list which appears below is cut in half.
    There is a work around: I leave the vault, come back again, enter the vault's password again, and then the full list appears.

  2. Chris

    11 Aug 2021 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    It sounds like a video rendering issue. Ensure you have the latest drivers for your display installed and always remember.... turn it off and on again.... usually helps. ;)


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