doogie|PIM v3.0.1 build 287 is now available for download

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    5 Sep 2021 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    I've had a productive couple of weeks, running through all your reports and fixed a great many of your observations.

    I've also had time to throw in a couple of juicy new features:

    In line with the new UI vector system, there is a selection of icons for you to use to decorate any of the tree navigator folders, flag markers and Resources. You'll find the option to change the icon in the folder Properties or you could click on the folder icon directly, (enable the option in Settings/Navigator/Show Icon Library on icon click").

    You can use any of those 2000+ icons and colour each one with a choice of 16 million colours. That's a fair few combinations.
    Flag Markers can also be decorated as well as the Resource that is displayed in your Calendar section.

    Oh, talking of Resources.... You'll find a brand new input box next to the Calendar options in the Resource edit window.

    Here you can enter an iCalendar URL, just like the one from Google Calendar. In the Calendar section of doogie, on the toolbar, there's a new icon command.... Import Resource's ICS iCalendar. Click that once and doogie will fetch and either add or update the events found in the iCalendar URL.

    This feature is a little experimental so try it on a blank database first. Let me know what you think.

    I'm pretty sure you'll notice many other little enhancements as you delve deeper into doogie and as always, many thanks for all the feedback and suggestions.

    You can read the changes here:

    To download your update, head over to your Account where you can sign in and access your personal download links.


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