Competitive discounts

  1. last year

    Getting towards the end of my trial period and was looking to buy Doogie, what products entitle me to apply for competitive discount, I' m currently using Epim, Evernote, OneNote - I think that's about it. -- Epim is probably the closest to Doogie.
    Used to use Do-Organizer many moons ago, the fore runner to Doogie I believe


  2. rgdot

    30 Dec 2021 Test Pilot

    I guess you can create a ticket with details as mentioned at

  3. Edited last year by doogieUser

    Strange logic, before that, you pay other authors - not the author of doogiePIM.
    If you used the demo version and reported some minor bugs (maybe even critical for you), then perhaps you would deserve a discount.

  4. Chris

    5 Jan 2022 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Indeed. Good constructive criticism will always deserve a good discount. ;)


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