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  1. last year


    19 Apr 2022 Test Pilot

    Hi Chris,

    I was copying data out of a program that I use. The data was copied from the PC World web site. It contains both pictures and text. I highlighted the text and pictures from the other program. I then did a paste as in the comments section of a resource I created. I chose HTML format. The text carried over but not the pictures. I also tried copying the data from the PC World web site which yielded the same results, text gets copied with no pictures. Can this be improved to get both the pictures and text together? Thanks.

  2. scooterg

    19 Apr 2022 Test Pilot

    I hope this can help you out Chris. I know of only two word processors that have no problem with HTML text. One of them is MS Word and the other is Atlantis which can be found at After you copy HTML info which includes text and graphics into either word processor, you can then copy that content into DoogiePIM with just a paste. I hope that helps. From what I can tell, both of these programs converts the info that is copied from a web page into a rtf document.

  3. Chris

    21 Apr 2022 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    I’ll see what can be done to improve pasting HTML content with images. ;)

  4. scooterg

    21 Apr 2022 Test Pilot

    Thank you Chris.


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