Problem Sending Email From A2 Hosting Account

  1. 2 months ago


    Apr 23 Test Pilot

    Hi Chris,

    I am having a problem sending emails from both of my A2 hosting accounts. A2 Hosting uses either port number 587 with SSL or TLS or port number 465 with SSL or TLS for smtp. When I send an email I get an error message. I used another email client and sent the same message. It went through without a problem. I can receive email fine with 995 and SSL. I am not sure what port to use anyway in Doogiepim. I should be able to use port 465 with SSL but it does not work. I can't use the email portion until this is fixed. The email addresses from A2 hosting are for my business so it is very important that they work. The email address I was sending an email to was a gmail address. Thanks.

  2. BiteSpire

    Apr 23 Administrator

    What is the error message?

    For A2 Hosting, try the following setup in doogie:
    Port: 587
    Uses SSL: [Not Tick]
    Uses TLS: [Ticked]

  3. scooterg

    Apr 23 Test Pilot

    Hi Chris,

    I redid the A2 Hosting. I set it up exactly as you said and it worked. Luckily I have a gmail account. I tried the same setup last night and that's when I got the error message. One thing I noticed is once you send an email, you can not go back into Manage Accounts. You have to exit out of Doogie and go back in. It seems I learned to set it up from scratch and not edit it. It doesn't seem to work well when I tried that.

  4. scooterg

    Apr 25 Test Pilot

    Hi Chris,

    I did as you suggested. It worked for a short time. I just sent an email with one of my accounts on A2 hosting and it failed. The email got kicked back to me with a failure. I think there is a problem somewhere. Thanks.

  5. scooterg

    Apr 26 Test Pilot

    Hi Chris,

    Hopefully you can shed some light on this. I discovered the problem. Since I imported all of my messages into Doogie, I can not reply to any of them. If I reply to a imported message, I get a failure message and the message is not sent. I have to create a new message and then send it. Your thoughts? Thanks.


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