Two Problems

  1. 7 weeks ago


    May 4 Test Pilot

    Hi Chris,
    The email problem I was having had nothing to do with A2 Hosting. It had something to do with my Comcast account. I know it is a problem with Doogie but I have no idea what it is. Doogie recognized that I had 10 messages in my account but only downloaded two. I used another email client to get the messages with the same server setup information without a problem. Second problem is worse. I created several contact lists in Doogie with different amounts of contacts. When you select Export Data. You are given a list on what you wanted exported so I chose contacts. I selected a contact list that had 24 contacts in it. I was given several options to extract the 24 contacts. When I did the procedure all of the contacts got extracted. Also what came along with it was a lot of garbage (information that did not belong). I tried other contact lists and I got the same result each time. All contacts got extracted. So I tried getting vcard data. That export did not export any data but garbage. The contact info was not even in the file. Basically the exporting of contacts does not work right. It needs to be looked at. I did this procedure numerous times and there was no change. Thanks.


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