Web browser questions

  1. 2 months ago

    Hello, I have recently started using DoogiePIM and had a few questions on the web browser.

    I have noticed ctrl + f, and F11 don't seem to do anything unless I click on the certain parts of the screen first (such as the URL bar). When the browser part itself is selected it doesn't work. Is this as intended? I was going to suggest ctrl F was broken at first, because this is not what I am used to. It wasn't until I did some investigation on other tabs that I discovered the focus was important.

    I guess this question is a bit more global than the web browser - but is there a way to close the search when I am done? I have tried ctrl f and also escape but neither works. I also can not find a sub menu to hide it when I right click the page.

    Clicking developer tools seems to cause the Doogie web browser to freeze up sometimes, or just break (for example I just clicked it and now all my web tabs are now just a grey screen). Other times nothing seems to happen when I click it. Other than on a few occasions where the screen went blue for a few seconds then back to normal - I have never been able to successfully see any productive result to clicking this button. What is supposed to happen when I click this (for example should it open split screen or new window)? Do others have issues with getting this to show? It's not important - I'll probably stick to other web browsers that I am more familiar with for the developer tools - I am just interested if it's an issue or just me.

    Is there a way to open new tabs in the background? I see open in new tab - but the new tab takes focus, I guess peoples workflows are different, but I almost always want new tabs to load in the background (exactly what it is doing but keep focus on my current window), because I will see 3 or 4 links on a page I open all 3 and then go through them.

    When I open enough tabs to force a scrollbar on the left of the screen (list of tabs and applications) there seems to be an issue where I can't close the tabs with the x anymore and I need to right click and close.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Also in this state clicking a link will scroll the side bar to put that link to the bottom. Can that be turned off? It's not a big deal but is a little distracting.



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