Planner questions

  1. 2 months ago

    Hello, apologies for the large number of questions - I am just trying to get better acquainted with the many features of DoogiePim

    I have been looking at DoogiePIMs planner and I really like the idea but had a few questions.

    When adding an item - I can add an item with a category "birthday" - but I can not see a way to add recurring schedules - so I can't add a recurring birthday.
    I have tried to show calendar events - but birthdays still do not show.
    I also considered writing a program of my own to build the day list - but import doesn't seem to work for planners.

    Is there any way to get a birthday occurring every year, or other such recurring events ( like you can in the calendar ) without having to enter them individually?

    I also had a few other questions / suggestions.

    Is it possible to copy a Planner? If I plan 90% of something and want 2 or 3 copies with small differences for the remaining 10% - do I need to re-add every item from the main calendar manually?

    Show calendar overlay on the planner is nice, but can I filter by resources?

    Is there a way to copy a specific resource's calendar to a planner? Not linked together (overlay covers that) - just a simple copy that you can change to visualize how different changes would look.



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