doogiePIM version 1.0.2016.88 Now Available

  1. 5 years ago


    22 Aug 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    I have a new update to doogiePIM for you. In this build, I've implemented a basic version of IMAP4. This will allow you to add an IMAP4 account in the Email Messages section then check the mail for that account. The messages will download to the inbox (or other location you specify using the Messages Rules). Please note, this is the start of further IMAP4 implementation. In future versions there will be remote server control, IMAP custom folders and more features.

    Other updates to doogiePIM are lot's of little fixes and tweaks that have been sent in by you wonderful people. Thank you so much for your suggestions. Keep them coming in.


    The new version is available for download here:
    There is an installation version and a portable version available.

    Summary of the latest changes in this version

    Bookmarks | Fix | Add Bookmark when running Firefox.
    Browser | Fix | Occasional crash due to invalid favicons in cache.
    Browser | Enhancement | Improved opening of file:/// style links.
    Internal | Fix | 60 min, 45 min, 30 min and 15 min chime sounds on Win10.
    Messages | New Feature | Basic IMAP4 implemented for checking incoming email.
    Messages | New Feature | Added "Reply" button to top of message.
    Messages | Fix | "Reply To/All" not working as expected.
    Messages | Fix | Clicking on Flag Marker area in listing to change Flag icon.
    Messages | Fix | Reply to mail setting subject to "Re:"....
    Messages | Fix | Occasionally subject appears blank.
    Messages | Enhancement | Lookup and Insert email address from ScratchPad.
    Messages | Enhancement | Ask confirmation before sending message in Messages settings.
    Messages | Enhancement | Added more panel/toolbar visibility options in email message window.
    ScratchPad | Enhancement | Layout of Text Phrase edit window.
    ScratchPad | Fix | Creating/Pasting of international language text.
    UI | Fix | "Lock All Toolbars" to allow position of toolbars on next launch.
    UI | Fix | "Insert Symbol" grid white on white display fix.
    UI | Enhancement | doogiePIM icon changed to account for light coloured taskbars.
    UI | Enhancement | Improved system tray icon colouring.
    UI | Enhancement | Various Unicode combatibility improvements.

  2. RandallG

    22 Aug 2016 Test Pilot

    Nice. Especially the inclusion of imap4 protocol for email. Thanks for all the fixes and enhancements Chris. This elevates a good software package, to even more of a class act!

  3. Thank you so much for the new update! Lots of good additions! Also Thank you for fixing the browser/favicon bug.
    Re; 'Messages | Fix | Clicking on Flag Marker area in listing to change Flag icon'
    I still can't add a flag marker on a message that doesn't have one while clicking on the message under the 'Flag Marker' column. I wonder what I'm doing wrong? I can add one from the toolbar above the message list as normal but the toolbar is so small I can't see properly to add it, its easier to do it on the message.
    I apologise if I posted this in the wrong part, should I post in the 'Bugs and Suggestions' section?

  4. Chris

    4 Sep 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    1. First ensure the "Flag Marker" column is shown. Columns can be shown or hidden by right-clicking on the columns and choosing the column name.
    2. Now hover your mouse over the flag marker column next to an email message. The cursor should turn into a hand with a finger pointer. If you don't see the hand pointer, then there's a problem to look into.

    It doesn't matter if the message has a marker or not, when you left click on the flag marker column, the flag menu should appear. If it helps, you can resize the flag column larger by left-click and drag the line in between the column titles.

    There is a future plan to make toolbar icons have a size option just like the Main Toolbar. That will help in seeing the different icons.

    Does anyone else have this problem with the Flag Markers?

  5. The 'Flag Marker' column is showing, I sort my messages by flag marker when there is a few messages.
    The cursor turns into a hand with pointed finger but when I click, nothing happens.
    I can only change a flag marker already shown, I can't set a flag marker on a message with no maker in the first place.


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