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  1. 5 years ago

    Important point for my work to mention - maybe, other users will also have interest and need for such feature. I'm talking about file attachment (to tasks, notes, etc.). Correct if I'm wrong, but at the moment only links to files are supported (at least, I was not able to locate the way to attach file); as the database grows, some files that database keeps links to can be moved (for some reason) to other folders. If this happens, the attempt to click to file name doesn't lead to any result (nothing happens). Yeah, attachments will result in growing of database' size, but in some cases there is a need to have a file "right here". It seems reasonable to provide an option either to save link to file, or to embed (save) file itself.

  2. Chris

    3 Sep 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    After great thought, with the current features of doogiePIM, you should be able to store formatted text and images (png, jpg, gif) in the Documents section. Then link those Documents to your other records such as tasks.

    For other attachments, such as pdf, you could create an email message, add the file as an attachment, then save it as a draft. You could do this with images, as the attachment viewer in the Messages section has a dedicated image viewer. (a PDF document viewer is coming very soon in a very near future update *wink wink*)

    I'm just trying to be frugal with the implementation of brand new features at present, but I do see your point and direction of storing important files within the database. Especially for the security of the item. Such as a scan of your credit cards or passport. You wouldn't want it laying around on your hard disk, so an image in the Documents or Vault, would be ideal. Don't forget the use of [Capture Area of Screen] to quick grab into the current rich text editor. (Found in the right-click context menu of every comments/notes/document editor)

    I hope this small brainstorm is helpful to you.


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