doogiePIM Development Blog - v0.9 to v1.2

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    Build 1.1 - Download

    List of changes

    Bookmarks | Enhancement | Rearranged Bookmark edit window to be cleaner
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Defer Loading" to tabs when launching doogiePIM. It only loads tabs when hovered over or clicked on
    Browser | New Feature | Flash support is disabled but can be enabled in [Settings and Preferences/Web Browsing]
    Browser | New Feature | Media Streaming is disabled. This can be enabled in [Settings and Preferences/Web Browsing]
    Browser | New Feature | Increased size of hot area to click on bookmark thumbnails to launch URL
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Developer's Tool" in main browser menu (Thank you Peter)
    Browser | New Feature | [Ctrl+Click] or [MMB] on link as open in new tab
    Browser | Enhancement | CEF updated to 55.0.2924
    Browser | Enhancement | Improved compatibility with sites such as Google Calendar, Drive, NatWest, etc
    Browser | Enhancement | Improved animation of tab icon when loading a page
    Browser | Enhancement | Changed corner command button icon for main window
    Browser | Enhancement | Added Help menu to browser window corner command button
    Browser | Enhancement | Last download path is remembered and becomes the default folder for the next session
    Browser | Fix | Browser window now remembers the website thumb tile width and sorting option for next time
    Browser | Fix | External browser window Tab state and URLS in tabs for next session
    Browser | Fix | Closing all tabs now blanks the URL address box
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Do Not Track" in [Settings and Preferences/Web Browsing] so servers know of your privacy
    Browser | New Feature | Added Tools and Section Tab dropdown icons next to minimize/maximize/close buttons
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Copy, Paste and Go" to context menu for selecting text on a web page
    Browser | New Feature | Hold down CTRL when clicking Reload will force page to load from web site rather than cache
    Browser | New Feature | Added commands on download status bar, "Run", "Cancel Download" and "Open Destination Folder"
    Browser | New Feature | Speed of a downloading file plus progress can be found on the dropdown by clicking the filename
    Browser | New Feature | "Inspect..." has been added to the right-click context menu
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Open New Window" to corner command menu. Yes, you can now have more than one section open at the same time
    Browser | New Feature | Ad Blocking patterns updated to include more ad servers
    Browser | New Feature | Clicking [+] on tab area displays a menu of sections, bookmarks and ability to add a blank tab
    Browser | New Feature | Bookmarks popout will ask to create a database if none exists
    Browser | New Feature | Browser Mouse hover link display on Status Bar
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Open Link in New Window" in context menu
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Create Document from Text Selection" in context menu. Handy for quickly storing text
    Browser | New Feature | Clicking on MailTo email links on a page will now launch a new Compose Message window
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Recently visited" to Bookmarks dropdown list
    Browser | New Feature | Improved Advert Blocking with cached patterns
    Calculator | New Feature | Reduced size of calculator window
    Calendar | Enhancement | Quick search UI improvements and speed
    Contacts | Fix | Capture / Paste of Contact image
    Home | Enhancement | Reduced size of the top header graphic
    Internal | Enhancement | Greatly improved the randomisation factor of the Password Generator to produce better passwords
    Internal | New Feature | Free licence period reset to a full 30 days
    Internal | New Feature | Startup sections have been greatly changed, with a web page URL, blank tab or a specific section
    Internal | Fix | Automatic shutdown of Windows is affected by doogiePIM
    Messages | New Feature | Added a Confirmation when launching links from email messages
    Messages | Fix | Process mailto links on web pages
    Messages | Enhancement | Removed unused horizontal splitter bar for attachments list
    Messages | Enhancement | Attachments view of pdf improvements
    Resources | Fix | Resource Kind selector icons in edit window
    Tasks | New Feature | When sorting by a field such as Priority, a second sort field is used to keep a consistent order
    UI | Fix | Function keys and various other shortcut keys action in latest Windows 10
    UI | Fix | Statusbar information text display
    UI | Fix | Mouse wheel scrolling when section embedded within browser window
    UI | Fix | Record Preview Cards font name and size to reflect base font
    UI | Fix | Alert message improvements to click events
    UI | New Feature | Image Viewer in viewing image attachments, now uses mouse-wheel to zoom in/out instead of right-click drag
    UI | New Feature | Added Dark Theme and Light Theme options to the View/Theme menu
    UI | New Feature | Download progress of current download is shown on the bottom of the browser window
    UI | New Feature | Implemented new Blink browser rendering engine
    UI | New Feature | URL Address Bar added on top of each Section. Can be hidden automatically in Settings
    UI | New Feature | Added "Hide Helper Panels above some windows" in [Settings and Preferences/UI]
    UI | New Feature | Main Window operates like a web browser with mixed sections and web URL tabs together. Multiple windows can be opened
    UI | New Feature | Added theme font name and size in the Settings & Preferences
    UI | New Feature | Pressing Middle Mouse Button on a link will open that link in a new tab
    UI | New Feature | "Launch doBrowser" command has been replaced with "Open New Window"
    UI | New Feature | Main Tabs will defer loading until clicked on. This speeds up loading a great deal
    UI | New Feature | StatusBar hint animation fadeout
    UI | New Feature | Hovered hyperlink is shown on bottom of window
    UI | New Feature | Added background highlight when hovering over active lists and tree items
    UI | New Feature | "Do Not Disturb" icon improved, now resembles an alarm bell
    UI | New Feature | In [Settings & Preferences/General] added Start in Blank Tab
    UI | Enhancement | Shortened the width of main tabs
    UI | Enhancement | Expanded/collapsed indicator arrows are now flipped to a more standard direction
    UI | Enhancement | Simplified drawing of scrollbar handles so they look modern
    UI | Enhancement | Improved some section icon designs
    UI | Enhancement | Improvements made to display when base font size is larger than 8 point
    UI | Enhancement | Improved doogiePIM app icons
    Vault | Enhancement | Improvements to Vault access security
    Vault | New Feature | New edit button added, [***] to show/hide password stars for the current open form

  2. Chris

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    Edited 5 years ago by Chris

    Build - Download

    A nice list of fixes with a few new features. Many thanks to everyone who sent in bug reports and feedback. I'll try and get your suggestions done.

    Oh and Happy St. Patricks Day to you all.

    List of additional changes since

    [Browser | Fix] Removing/Deleting tab whilst Dev Tools still active no longer closes main window.
    [Browser | New Feature] Hold down [Ctrl] whilst using the mousewheel over a webpage will zoom the content in and out.
    [Calendar | Fix] Using Mouse Wheel over task listing in Calendar section.
    [Internal | Enhancement] Improved startup of doogiePIM when doogiePIM is already running in the system tray.
    [Internal | Development] Create internal DB to hold Downloads and URL navigation History.
    [Messages | Fix] Important bug fix regarding IMAP4 not getting latest "unread" messages. When messages are read on another device.
    [Messages | Enhancement] New messages in CardView are now added to the top of the grid instead of the bottom.
    [Messages | Enhancement] Greatly increased speed of listing refresh when "Show Known Contact" is enabled.
    [UI | New Feature] Redesigned the busy tab animation. Advanced users can change the setting "Browser.BusyTabAnimType" an integer between 0 and 7 for other animations.
    [UI | New Feature] "Add New ..." commands such as Contact, Task, Events etc added to the Corner Menu.
    [UI | Enhancement] Easier to read unfocused navigator tree current selection's colour.
    [UI | Enhancement] Improved desktop doogiePIM icon.
    [Vault | Fix] Vault CardView hyperlink click.
    [Vault | New Feature] Added "Password 2" column.

  3. Chris

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    Edited 5 years ago by Chris

    Build - Download

    Just a Hot Quickie

    It's another "Hot Release Friday" today. Perhaps I should do this every week.
    Today's build focuses mainly on fixes. Especially with the Alert Message grabbing the focus from your active window. Hopefully fixed in this version so when your chimes sound it won't grab your focus... or should it? ;)

    Another useful fix is the scrollbar contrast. I realise in the dark theme you can hardly see the scrollbar thumb, so I've made some nice improvements to it.

    I hope you're enjoying the fixes and I'll see you next Friday :)

    Summary of changes for

    [UI | Fix] Alert message no longer takes focus control away when alert is displayed.
    [UI | Enhancement] Scrollbars contrast improved so you can see them better.
    [Browser | New Feature] Close button bar added above Developers Tools to make it easier to close.
    [Internal | Fix] Fixed an important crash when adding a new blank tab from a brand new database or one that has just opened.
    [Tasks | Fix] "Reference" field moved to "Other details" in Task edit window.