doogiePIM Development Blog - v0.9 to v1.2

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    7 Sep 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 3 years ago by Chris

    Download Full Installation.exe or Full Portable or doogiePIM.exe or


    If you've downloaded the full installation exe

    1. Run the downloaded exe and follow the onscreen instructions.
    2. Launch doogiePIM as normal.

    If you've downloaded the exe only

    This build exe requires the base version doogiePIM .

    1. Copy/unpack the downloaded file into your doogiePIM 1.1+ app folder, eg: C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\
    2. Launch doogiePIM.exe as normal.

    If you've downloaded the zipped exe only

    This build requires the base version doogiePIM .

    1. Unpack the downloaded file into your doogiePIM 1.1+ app folder, eg: C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\
    2. Launch doogiePIM.exe as normal.

    If you've downloaded the full portable zip

    1. Unpack the downloaded file into your desired folder, eg: C:\MyFolder\doogiePIM\
    2. Launch doogiePIM.exe.

    How to install

    Follow the appropriate steps above.

    Latest Changes

    Each build is listed below.

  2. Chris

    9 Sep 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Build 1.0.2016.89

    [Calendar] Added Resources Navigator buttons for controlling the number of Resources in view.

  3. Chris

    16 Sep 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Build 1.0.2016.90

    [Messages] Fixed subject occasionally truncating itself. You will need to re-select any affected message and it will auto-correct itself. Please let me know how the fix works for you in the current message thread:

    [Messages] "Reply" button above message preview area, incorrectly placing "To" address. Thread:

  4. Chris

    23 Sep 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 4 years ago by Chris

    Build 1.0.2016.91

    [Messages] Improved "Reply to all" logic so when there's only a single recipient it will revert to a "Reply to" single instead.

    [Finance] I've added the "Category" field in the General Transactions editor to improve the classification of the record. The record preview pane in the Calendar and under the Finance listing has been changed accordingly.

    [Finance] When changing the Resource in a General Transaction and the Resource isn't a product with a price, the unit cost is no longer changed to zero.

    [Browser] Web page titles now correctly reflect on the Windows Caption on the Taskbar. The titles also change in the Windows Task Manager under the doogiePIM process.

  5. Chris

    25 Sep 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Build 1.0.2016.92

    [Finance] Fixed the Category Name being updated in the wrong field, as well as some minor changes to the Category editor.
    [Reports] I've added the General Transactions Category field to the report parameters list in order to create various filtered reports based on the new field.

  6. Chris

    14 Oct 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot


    [Calendar] Clicking Week view now shows 7 days with a daily timebar grid.
    [Archiver] Added option to close current database before Archiving
    [Archiver] Archiver now correctly remembers last source and destination paths
    [Planner] Context menu of Planner, menu shows Full Year regardless of the view

  7. Chris

    16 Oct 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 4 years ago by Chris


    [Contacts] Fixed glitches made by editing of default Contact data labels whilst Contact edit window is open.
    [Browser] New feature added. Added a Ctrl+F web page search. A new icon has been added to the URL toolbar.

  8. Chris

    18 Oct 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 4 years ago by Chris


    [Contacts] Fixed blank Flag Marker caption text in list grid header context menu.
    [UI] Added a new context menu in version for the section tabs:

    New Tab (Shows list of sections)
    Close All except Home (Closes all tabs except the Home section)
    Close Others (Close all other tabs except the current section)
    Close All (reacts the same as clicking the window x, closes to the system tray)

    [UI] Various icon design improvements in text editor (more to come)

  9. Chris

    21 Oct 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot


    Tasks | New Feature | Tasks remembers last used Type, Category and Priority for new records.
    Tasks | Enhancement | Task list toolbar can now be docked to top, left, right or bottom areas.
    FilesExplorer | Fix | PNG thumbnails appear flipped.
    Reports | New Feature | Creation Time and Last Modified added to data fields and conditional parameters.
    UI | New Feature | Creation Time and Last Modified Time added to Contacts, Resources, Tasks, Bookmarks and Finance edit windows.
    UI | New Feature | Data list grid alternate row tint amount added to Settings under "Color and UI".
    UI | Fix | Entering registration details removes "Convert to full version" from Help menu.
    Messages | Enhancement | DNSBL logic when checking for messages.
    Messages | Fix | Whitelists and Blacklists reload after edits using the Admin commands.
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Block Content" to right-click context menu.


  10. Chris

    23 Oct 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 4 years ago by Chris


    [Noteboard] Fixes to improve the "Set default note block" and "duplicate note block". It will remember more settings regarding default font, size, title colour etc.
    [Certification] doogiePIM digital signatures, SHA1/SHA256 certificates.


  11. Chris

    3 Nov 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 4 years ago by Chris


    [Reports | Enhancement]
    Added "Create Document From Report" command on Report's context menu.

    [Reports | Fix]
    Sometimes a report's condition filter vanishes when returning to the report.

    [Tasks | Fix]
    The number of tasks next to each folder not updating correctly.
    The represented number next to each folder is the actual number of task records in that folder, regardless of the filters used. In order to see the filtered totals, look to the bottom of the window where each filtered task type is summarised.

    [Documents | Enhancement]
    Navigator Document tree now allows multiple selection to enable setting Properties easier.

    [Journal | Enhancement]
    Navigator Journals tree now allows multiple selection.

    [Noteboard | Enhancement]
    Navigator Noteboard tree now allows multiple selection.

    Note: At present, multiple selection is only for setting properties and dragging to a new parent node. A future version will feature multiple export and linking.


  12. Chris

    13 Nov 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 4 years ago by Chris

    Build - Download

    [Tasks | Fix] Task filters didn't honour the selected task tab filter correctly.


    [Browser | Fix]
    Attempts to launch url when entering "" or similar.

    [Bookmarks | New Feature ]
    Added "Remember last page tabs for browser" in [Settings & Prefs]/[Web Browser].

    [Contacts | New Feature]
    Custom fields are now available to the Letters and Labels facility. Insert into document as "{YourCustomFieldName}".

    [Documents | Fix]
    Some commands like Date and Time didn't operate when using the "Insert" main menu.

    [Finance | Enhancement]
    Selecting a spreadsheet will now hide the details preview pane.

    [Home | Fix]
    Recalculated date ranges for plus/minus 7, 14 and 21 days.

    [Home | New Feature]
    Added new panel "Finance transactions" to Home Page as a new tab filter for transactions that are due with Balance display.

    [Home | New Feature]
    Added "Apply" button to "Customise Home Page" to allow instant saving of the settings whilst staying in the customisation window.

    [Home | New Feature]
    Added a context menu to the Date Navigator allowing you to add journals, events and tasks based on the selected date.

    [Home | New Feature]
    Clicking on the right part of the Section Header displaying the date will make the Date Navigator go to today's date.

    [Home | New Feature]
    Added a Date Navigator. Data panels base the date from the selected date of the calendar, allowing you to go back (or forward) in history.

    [Home | Enhancement]
    Enhanced layout of "Customise Home Page".

    [Home | Enhancement]
    Improved "grey" visibility of dates within panels.

    [Home | Enhancement]
    Removed text "no due date" when tasks have no dates.

    [Journal | Fix]
    Some commands like Date and Time didn't operate when using the "Insert" main menu.

    [Messages | Enhancement]
    Cosmetic improvements to Message Rules editor.

    [Noteboard | Fix]
    Deleting a folder in Noteboard section didn't take into account orphaned hidden items.

    [Reports | New Feature]
    Added CSV in Report Export options along with Tab delimited output.

    [UI | Fix]
    Operation of mouse wheel when doogiePIM is on left monitor and primary is on the right.


  13. Chris

    14 Dec 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Build - Download

    [Messages | Fix]
    Launching a hyperlink from a message will favour the Mailer Browser instead of opening the do-Browser.

    [Messages | Enhancement]
    Minor improvements to message preview in card view.

    [Messages | Enhancement]
    Card view messages will now automatically resize to fit the vertical layout.

    [Messages | New Feature]
    ICS/Google calendar events in attachments list, when double-clicked with be presented the option of importing the ics file into your Calendar.

    [Messages | New Feature]
    PDFs in attachments list can now be viewed immediately by Double-clicking or Right-click and select "View Attachment".

    [Bookmarks | Fix]
    Clicking on a hyperlink from the grid list now favours the browser within the Bookmarks Section.

    [Browser | Fix]
    Bookmarks on blank tab now automatically refresh between changes or navigation of URLs.

    [Internal | New Feature]
    doogiePIM launch when already running will act as if clicking system tray icon and restore last section display.

    [Calendar | Enhancement]
    Improved iCal detection of other languages for summary and description

  14. Chris

    5 Jan 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Build - Download

    [Calendar | Fix]
    Choose sound file and turn on Event sounds.

    [Calendar | Enhancement]
    Improved multiple-selection deletion, Cut, Copy and Paste of Calendar Events.

    [New Feature | Fix]
    Added option in [View] menu to show custom Type, Category or Transaction background colours in list grid.

    [Finance | Fix]
    Custom text labels now also appear in list grid and column selector menu.

    [UI | Fix]
    Alert Message hyperlink to Messages or Home.

  15. Chris

    30 Jan 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Build - Download

    [Calendar | Fixes]

    1. Some icons in wrong place.
    2. Event borders not shown in scheduler area for day views.
    3. Today, Previous and Next day buttons when in Time Grid view.
    4. Event's Comments now update the relevant event display when hitting the Save button.
    5. Adjusted gravitational constant of the Earth so that the Flag marker icon no longer drifts to the right.

    [Calendar | New Features]
    1. Added "Font Size" in [View/Calendar View Options] to only affect the scheduler and calendar display.

    [Browser | New Features]
    1. UserAgent changed to emulate Chrome/Opera/FireFox for better display of Google and other sites.

  16. Chris

    4 Mar 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Build 1.1 - Download

    List of changes

    Bookmarks | Enhancement | Rearranged Bookmark edit window to be cleaner
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Defer Loading" to tabs when launching doogiePIM. It only loads tabs when hovered over or clicked on
    Browser | New Feature | Flash support is disabled but can be enabled in [Settings and Preferences/Web Browsing]
    Browser | New Feature | Media Streaming is disabled. This can be enabled in [Settings and Preferences/Web Browsing]
    Browser | New Feature | Increased size of hot area to click on bookmark thumbnails to launch URL
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Developer's Tool" in main browser menu (Thank you Peter)
    Browser | New Feature | [Ctrl+Click] or [MMB] on link as open in new tab
    Browser | Enhancement | CEF updated to 55.0.2924
    Browser | Enhancement | Improved compatibility with sites such as Google Calendar, Drive, NatWest, etc
    Browser | Enhancement | Improved animation of tab icon when loading a page
    Browser | Enhancement | Changed corner command button icon for main window
    Browser | Enhancement | Added Help menu to browser window corner command button
    Browser | Enhancement | Last download path is remembered and becomes the default folder for the next session
    Browser | Fix | Browser window now remembers the website thumb tile width and sorting option for next time
    Browser | Fix | External browser window Tab state and URLS in tabs for next session
    Browser | Fix | Closing all tabs now blanks the URL address box
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Do Not Track" in [Settings and Preferences/Web Browsing] so servers know of your privacy
    Browser | New Feature | Added Tools and Section Tab dropdown icons next to minimize/maximize/close buttons
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Copy, Paste and Go" to context menu for selecting text on a web page
    Browser | New Feature | Hold down CTRL when clicking Reload will force page to load from web site rather than cache
    Browser | New Feature | Added commands on download status bar, "Run", "Cancel Download" and "Open Destination Folder"
    Browser | New Feature | Speed of a downloading file plus progress can be found on the dropdown by clicking the filename
    Browser | New Feature | "Inspect..." has been added to the right-click context menu
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Open New Window" to corner command menu. Yes, you can now have more than one section open at the same time
    Browser | New Feature | Ad Blocking patterns updated to include more ad servers
    Browser | New Feature | Clicking [+] on tab area displays a menu of sections, bookmarks and ability to add a blank tab
    Browser | New Feature | Bookmarks popout will ask to create a database if none exists
    Browser | New Feature | Browser Mouse hover link display on Status Bar
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Open Link in New Window" in context menu
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Create Document from Text Selection" in context menu. Handy for quickly storing text
    Browser | New Feature | Clicking on MailTo email links on a page will now launch a new Compose Message window
    Browser | New Feature | Added "Recently visited" to Bookmarks dropdown list
    Browser | New Feature | Improved Advert Blocking with cached patterns
    Calculator | New Feature | Reduced size of calculator window
    Calendar | Enhancement | Quick search UI improvements and speed
    Contacts | Fix | Capture / Paste of Contact image
    Home | Enhancement | Reduced size of the top header graphic
    Internal | Enhancement | Greatly improved the randomisation factor of the Password Generator to produce better passwords
    Internal | New Feature | Free licence period reset to a full 30 days
    Internal | New Feature | Startup sections have been greatly changed, with a web page URL, blank tab or a specific section
    Internal | Fix | Automatic shutdown of Windows is affected by doogiePIM
    Messages | New Feature | Added a Confirmation when launching links from email messages
    Messages | Fix | Process mailto links on web pages
    Messages | Enhancement | Removed unused horizontal splitter bar for attachments list
    Messages | Enhancement | Attachments view of pdf improvements
    Resources | Fix | Resource Kind selector icons in edit window
    Tasks | New Feature | When sorting by a field such as Priority, a second sort field is used to keep a consistent order
    UI | Fix | Function keys and various other shortcut keys action in latest Windows 10
    UI | Fix | Statusbar information text display
    UI | Fix | Mouse wheel scrolling when section embedded within browser window
    UI | Fix | Record Preview Cards font name and size to reflect base font
    UI | Fix | Alert message improvements to click events
    UI | New Feature | Image Viewer in viewing image attachments, now uses mouse-wheel to zoom in/out instead of right-click drag
    UI | New Feature | Added Dark Theme and Light Theme options to the View/Theme menu
    UI | New Feature | Download progress of current download is shown on the bottom of the browser window
    UI | New Feature | Implemented new Blink browser rendering engine
    UI | New Feature | URL Address Bar added on top of each Section. Can be hidden automatically in Settings
    UI | New Feature | Added "Hide Helper Panels above some windows" in [Settings and Preferences/UI]
    UI | New Feature | Main Window operates like a web browser with mixed sections and web URL tabs together. Multiple windows can be opened
    UI | New Feature | Added theme font name and size in the Settings & Preferences
    UI | New Feature | Pressing Middle Mouse Button on a link will open that link in a new tab
    UI | New Feature | "Launch doBrowser" command has been replaced with "Open New Window"
    UI | New Feature | Main Tabs will defer loading until clicked on. This speeds up loading a great deal
    UI | New Feature | StatusBar hint animation fadeout
    UI | New Feature | Hovered hyperlink is shown on bottom of window
    UI | New Feature | Added background highlight when hovering over active lists and tree items
    UI | New Feature | "Do Not Disturb" icon improved, now resembles an alarm bell
    UI | New Feature | In [Settings & Preferences/General] added Start in Blank Tab
    UI | Enhancement | Shortened the width of main tabs
    UI | Enhancement | Expanded/collapsed indicator arrows are now flipped to a more standard direction
    UI | Enhancement | Simplified drawing of scrollbar handles so they look modern
    UI | Enhancement | Improved some section icon designs
    UI | Enhancement | Improvements made to display when base font size is larger than 8 point
    UI | Enhancement | Improved doogiePIM app icons
    Vault | Enhancement | Improvements to Vault access security
    Vault | New Feature | New edit button added, [***] to show/hide password stars for the current open form

  17. Chris

    6 Mar 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 4 years ago by Chris



    This build is just some minor changes and fixes I did over the weekend.

    Tasks | Enhancement | Greatly improved speed of Tasks retrieval in large lists.
    You should find that the display of Tasks, especially when used with the option to display tasks in sub-folders, is now much faster.

    Tasks | Fix | Items out of order when sorted by folder upon refresh.
    Thanks to Carl for reporting this.

    Calendar | Fix | Using Mouse Wheel over task listing in Calendar section.

    Calendar | New Feature | New [Settings & Preferences/Reminder Alarm] setting, "Ignore notifications older than X days".
    Again, Carl. Thank you. I hope this works for you, but always try to "Dismiss All" when you want the Reminder Window to go away.

    UI | Fix | Changed Research Google search to not default to a mobile display due to the way Google changed their search parameters.
    If you manage your own research URLs, edit the Google entry to read:


    That will stop the default "mobile" view that Google have sprung upon us.

  18. Chris

    12 Mar 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 4 years ago by Chris

    Build - Download

    Something for the Weekend, Sir?

    This weekend, there are some little fixes and a major new addition in this build. You now have a fully functional visited links history and operational downloads list. All in a compact sidebar. I hope you enjoy it.

    A summary of changes

    [Browser | New Feature ] Added new commands, "Downloads" and "History" in main Menu button. Manage your downloads and visited links from these commands.

    [Browser | Fix ] Developer Tools display glitch when switching tabs.

    [Browser | New Feature ] Added in [Settings & Prefs/Web Browsing] "Remember last sites visited". When enabled, keeps a running history of visited links.

    [Browser | New Feature ] Added in [Settings & Prefs/Web Browsing] "Remember Last Downloaded Files" checkbox. when enabled any downloads will be stored in the download history.

    [Contacts | Fix ] Clicking on Hyperlinks in Contacts CardView.

    [Resources | Fix ] Hyperlink click when in card view.

    [UI | Enhancement ] Hover highlight added to card views.

    [UI | New Feature ] Added a side panel to hold "Downloads" and "History". These can be viewed using the top left Menu dropdown commands.

    [UI | Fix ] Removed a rogue hourglass cursor when hovering over Messages tab.

    [UI | New Feature ] Added hover highlight to main list grids to enable clearer view of a row.

  19. Chris

    17 Mar 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 4 years ago by Chris

    Build - Download

    A nice list of fixes with a few new features. Many thanks to everyone who sent in bug reports and feedback. I'll try and get your suggestions done.

    Oh and Happy St. Patricks Day to you all.

    List of additional changes since

    [Browser | Fix] Removing/Deleting tab whilst Dev Tools still active no longer closes main window.
    [Browser | New Feature] Hold down [Ctrl] whilst using the mousewheel over a webpage will zoom the content in and out.
    [Calendar | Fix] Using Mouse Wheel over task listing in Calendar section.
    [Internal | Enhancement] Improved startup of doogiePIM when doogiePIM is already running in the system tray.
    [Internal | Development] Create internal DB to hold Downloads and URL navigation History.
    [Messages | Fix] Important bug fix regarding IMAP4 not getting latest "unread" messages. When messages are read on another device.
    [Messages | Enhancement] New messages in CardView are now added to the top of the grid instead of the bottom.
    [Messages | Enhancement] Greatly increased speed of listing refresh when "Show Known Contact" is enabled.
    [UI | New Feature] Redesigned the busy tab animation. Advanced users can change the setting "Browser.BusyTabAnimType" an integer between 0 and 7 for other animations.
    [UI | New Feature] "Add New ..." commands such as Contact, Task, Events etc added to the Corner Menu.
    [UI | Enhancement] Easier to read unfocused navigator tree current selection's colour.
    [UI | Enhancement] Improved desktop doogiePIM icon.
    [Vault | Fix] Vault CardView hyperlink click.
    [Vault | New Feature] Added "Password 2" column.

  20. Chris

    24 Mar 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 4 years ago by Chris

    Build - Download

    Just a Hot Quickie

    It's another "Hot Release Friday" today. Perhaps I should do this every week.
    Today's build focuses mainly on fixes. Especially with the Alert Message grabbing the focus from your active window. Hopefully fixed in this version so when your chimes sound it won't grab your focus... or should it? ;)

    Another useful fix is the scrollbar contrast. I realise in the dark theme you can hardly see the scrollbar thumb, so I've made some nice improvements to it.

    I hope you're enjoying the fixes and I'll see you next Friday :)

    Summary of changes for

    [UI | Fix] Alert message no longer takes focus control away when alert is displayed.
    [UI | Enhancement] Scrollbars contrast improved so you can see them better.
    [Browser | New Feature] Close button bar added above Developers Tools to make it easier to close.
    [Internal | Fix] Fixed an important crash when adding a new blank tab from a brand new database or one that has just opened.
    [Tasks | Fix] "Reference" field moved to "Other details" in Task edit window.

  21. Chris

    29 Mar 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 4 years ago by Chris

    Build - Download

    Full On

    Not a Friday release but a Wednesday release. I'm sure you'll love the changes. In this build, I've fixed the problem with the Address Bar not remembering its position. Putting some life into the bar it now repositions correctly between sessions. This is also the same with the Corner Menu button size. You did know you could right-click on the Menu button to change its size didn't you?

    A new feature that will sure to raise a cheer, (as I did the other day with a glass on my birthday ;) ), is FULLSCREEN VIDEO at last. Yes, press [F11] and the current tab will fullscreen. You can full screen any section too. When you click on the Fullscreen Icon on YouTube and other videos, it will toggle fullscreen accordingly. When you're in fullscreen, press [F11] or click on the video's fullscreen icon to revert back to the last position.

    I've tested this on a three multiple-monitor setup and it works well but would love to hear how it works on your own systems.

    I hope the changes made to the Contact columns help Ennovy. Please let me know if the columns are saving between sessions.

    As always, thanks for reading and keep sending in those reports.


    Summary of changes for
    [Browser | New Feature] Added [F11] for FullScreen
    [Contacts | Fix] Contact columns tend to drift between sessions
    [UI | Fix] Remembering last dock position of Address Bar and size of Corner Menu
    [UI | Enhancement] Next and Previous Tabs now wrap around so commanding Next Tab on the last tab will go to the first tab

  22. Chris

    4 Apr 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 4 years ago by Chris

    Build - Download

    Something on the Side

    I'm excited about this build because it fixes some little problems reported by you and introduces a couple of nice new features.

    The first new feature is.... Side Tabs!

    In the side panel, I've implemented a tab listing, so instead of seeing lots of tabs across the top of your window, you can see them listed vertically, with more information too.


    You'll also notice from the screenshot, the address bar is tucked away on the very top. There's a new dock command if you right-click the address bar and choose "Dock to Window Top". This will cover your horizontal tabs but you can hide those in the Menu/View command or right-click the toolbar in the side panel too. I intend to make options for docking of the horizontal tabs in a future build.

    Another little feature is the ability to force HTTPS for every URL request including resource contact on the page. You'll find this in the [Settings and Preferences/Web Browsing]. To some people this doesn't matter but if you want to ensure that your content browsing is encrypted then more sites need to support HTTPS. If you send your personal details over HTTP that is unencrypted so anyone between you and the website can see it... credit card details and all. So be careful using HTTP sites... always look for the green padlock - not just in doogiePIM but in other browsers too.

    As always, thanks for the bug reports. I'm still working on a couple of them but hope to get them sorted very soon.

    Ta ta for now.

    Summary of changes since version
    [UI | New Feature] Added [Side Tabs] command "Tabs List", so your page tabs are listed in the side panel. Very useful if you have lots of pages open
    [Browser | New Feature] Added "Always use HTTPS" in [Web Browsing] settings. This forces all http links into HTTPS for a more secure browsing experience. Not all sites implement encryption support though
    [Browser | New Feature] Added [F11] for FullScreen. When in video playback and you click its fullscreen icon it will toggle automatically
    [Home | Fix] Fixed Database session data for Home Page settings when open and closing databases within a session
    [UI | Fix] Improved FullScreen mode with monitors of different resolutions and TaskBar metrics
    [UI | Fix] Remembering last dock position of Address Bar and size of Corner Menu
    [Internal | Enhancement] Improved tab cache for next session
    [UI | Enhancement] Next and Previous Tabs now wrap around so commanding Next Tab on the last tab will go to the first tab

  23. Chris

    15 Apr 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 3 years ago by Chris

    Build - Download

    The Big Bug Bash

    Creepy crawly, eight legged beasties, bothersome buzzing bugs.... squashed and removed from our life. Well, I can't promise to cure every single problem, but I've managed to bring you a big bug update release. This release gets rid of some very annoying bugs and some very important ones too. Especially that pesky PNG in Documents bug.

    With your help, in the way you work with doogiePIM and reporting these observations, helps me track down and fix doogiePIM to make your experience far better. So if you crash doogiePIM, just drop me a quick line or post it in the bug tracking system , this forum or simply by email .

    Thank you all so much, especially George for acting like Sherlock Holmes on a mission and reporting some great findings. :)

    Summary of changes since
    [Contacts | Fix] Saving of Contact section columns between sessions.
    [Documents | Fix] Importing a PNG into rich text edit areas don't reload properly.
    [doNotes | Fix] Some PNG formats not recognized causing image to not display.
    [Finance | Fix] Height of General Transaction edit window.
    [Internal | Fix] Sections automatically save data before closing window, eg: Documents, Spreadsheet etc. This also cures the rare Section Crash.
    [Internal | Fix] Clearing of section tabs when switching to a new database.
    [Messages | Fix] Improvements to launching links from Messages.
    [Messages | Fix] Selecting a template folder in a message window no longer displays a rogue preview.
    [Messages | Fix] Compose Email window now uses the theme font size setting.
    [Messages | Fix] Crash when trying to select a Sender using the dropdown button, when no Senders are available.
    [UI | Fix] Side Panel now remembers state of visibility when switching to and from fullscreen.
    [UI | Fix] When starting a new session and main window was Maximized, it didn't restore display correctly.

  24. Chris

    28 Apr 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Build Download

    Oops! I did it again...

    This latest build is another bug bash. But this also shows that by sending in your Bug Reports that are generated when you get that "Oops!" dialog, does help me a great deal. A recent user sent in a report that helped fix a silly little crash in the Print Preview.

    I know most users would dismiss it and put it down to "Oh well... all software does this from time to time.". This is true but developers, like myself, cherish technical data to help make the software run smoother and give you users less headaches and crashes. So, please... next time you get the "Ooops! Something unexpected happened." ... don't dismiss it... send me the report.

    As always. Thank you for supporting doogiePIM.

    Summary of changes
    [Finance | Fix] Spreadsheet sort cells Z to A.
    [Internal | Fix] Print Preview header, footer and margins save and restore between sessions.
    [Messages | Fix] Launching hyperlinks from an opened email message.
    [Tasks | Fix] Unexpected error when using print previewing of list-view.
    [UI | Fix] Selecting a section from the tray icon context menu.
    [UI | Fix] Print preview header and footer checkboxes.
    [UI | Fix] Chimes take focus away from other apps.
    [UI | Fix] Docking address bar to Window Top, the horizontal tabs automatically hide accordingly.

  25. Chris

    15 May 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Build Download

    A little goes a long way

    A small update, yet important, as it fixes a problem with RTF import into the Documents section. Many thanks to Ennovy for pointing out the glitch that otherwise would have been missed due to the language of Windows®.

    I've also worked on the Contact columns (yes, again!) with a hopeful solution. You will notice your Contact columns in list view mode reset. Simply adjust your columns, show and hide them to your liking and it should save your preferences for your next session.

    I'm still working on those new features too that many have been requested, in this forum and via email. I will try to get them to you in the very near future.

    As always, many thanks for your wonderful feedback.

    Until next time,

    Summary of changes
    [Contacts, Fix] Saving of Contact section columns between sessions.
    [Documents, Fix] Document File/Import command when using Dutch version of Windows®.
    [Internal, Fix] Launching URL from within some edit windows.
    [Vault & Home, Fix] When entering an incorrect Vault password and using Enter key on the error message.

  26. Chris

    29 Jun 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Build Download

    Hoist The Flag!

    You'll be pleased to read that I've fixed the recurring event bug of setting a Flag and/or Saving the comments in the preview area of the Calendar section. This means you can setup a Flag Marker titled "Done" or "Completed" with a little "Tick/Check" icon, then go ahead and flag a recurring event. You will be asked if you want to set the whole series or just that one event.

    A favourite change in is the automatic sizing of large images in email Messages. No longer do you need to scroll horizontally to see the image.

    Another great little enhancement is in the Related Links listing. The context menu has changed slightly to accommodate "File Links". You did know you can link a record to a file just by dragging the file onto the Related Link list, didn't you? ;)
    Now you have commands to "Launch in Windows", this will launch the selected file using the Windows default viewer/application. You can also "Locate..." where it will just open the Files Explorer at the location, or finally "Open/View" where it will open the file using a doogiePIM tab. This is ideal for viewing images or PDFs.

    This update was a little later than I expected due to back-end development I'm doing for doogiePIM. My commitment to you... to make doogiePIM better, the way you like it.

    See you next time,

    Summary of changes
    [Calendar, Fix] Setting Flag Marker on a Recurring Event initiates a dialog to request "All Events" or "Just This Event". This is to allow using "Done" or "Completed" Flag Markers on Events.
    [Calendar, Fix] Recurring calendar event comments that are Saved in the preview area are saved to the requested events, either the single event or the whole series.
    [Calendar, Fix] Pressing keyboard [Delete] on a Calendar Event brings up a confirmation dialog with option to not show again.
    [Contacts, New Feature] Job Title added to columns.
    [Documents, Fix] Document Settings checkbox anchors are now corrected.
    [Documents, Enhancement] Selecting a folder that lists preview cards of documents now shows a preview of the document content text just like Journals.
    [Home, Fix] Date Navigator calendar now respects the settings of "Start of Week", "Show Week Numbers" and "First Week of Year".
    [Internal, Enhancement] Selecting "Locate..." on a Related Link that is a file or folder will now open the standard Windows Files Explorer at the location of the item.
    [Internal, New Feature] Added "Launch in Windows" to Related Links menu. This will launch the default application for the selected file, such as an image editor for JPG.
    [Internal, Fix] HotKey action "Restore or Minimize main window" now corrected to work with new layout.
    [Internal, Enhancement] Selecting "Open" from a related link that is a file link will now launch that file as a new tab. Useful for view PDFs, JPGs etc.
    [Journal, New Feature] Added Filter to show "All Journals" or "Only Journals for shown calendars".
    [Journal, Fix] "File/Import from file..." is now enabled for Journals.
    [Journal, Enhancement] Improved scaling of calendar when using large font size.
    [Messages, New Feature] Images in message content will try to fit to screen if they are too large.
    [Tasks, New Feature] Added ability to name the "Tickle/Custom Date" label in [Settings & Preferences]/[Tasks].

  27. 3 years ago


    10 Aug 2017 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot
    Edited 3 years ago by Chris

    Build Download

    Now You See It. Now You Don't!

    A big thanks to Chuck for identifying a wee problem with hiding the toolbars and menu. How do you get them back? The answer.... The top left [Menu] button now has a sub-menu in the View menu... "Section View". This is replaced with the View menu of whichever section you happen to be showing at the time. This means you can go ahead and completely hide all those toolbars... by Right-clicking and chosen "Hide This Toolbar". You will now have a lot less clutter on the screen for you to concentrate on getting things done.

    One other neat little change is in the Journals. Thanks to a valued user of doogiePIM, they suggested hiding the date to make more room for the editor. Well, now when you resize the tree area width, the date will automatically reduce to a short date and then to nothing at all. It will leave more room for writing. You will also notice the tools panel on the right is hidden. This can be shown by right-cling and choose "Side Tool Panel" from the "View" menu. Again, this was done to give more room.

    doogiePIM is undergoing lots of development and improvements, all thanks to the users sending in feedback, so please keep the comments coming. I love to read anything you have to say about doogiePIM - good or bad.

    Summary of changes
    [Internal | Enhancement] SSL library updated to newer version. This may help with SMTP problems.
    [Internal | Enhancement] HotKey to Restore/Minimise main window now attempts to focus the window for keyboard input.
    [Journal | New Feature] Journal's date in listing automatically reduces to short format when navigator width is reduced.
    [Journal | New Feature] Added command in editor's right-click "View" menu to show/hide the side panel containing Table and Hyperlinks tabs, thus giving more space for writing.
    [UI | Fix] Setting of Default Font Colour now remembers state between sessions.
    [UI | New Feature] Added "Section View" to "Menu" button, to allow reinstating of hidden menu toolbars in case you switch them all off.
    [UI | New Feature] Added "Main Menu" to "View" menu to show or hide the section's main menu.


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