1. 3 years ago

    Can I check that the 'Backup database files' function on the File menu creates a "full" backup of everything?

    What I mean by "full" backup is, not only all the data of all modules, but also all the system settings, options, view preferences, column widths, colour schemes etc.

    What I need to ensure is that, if I had to re-install the PIM onto a new PC, and perform a restore, will the PIM revert back to the point of backup, with all data, and all the settings as described above?

    Whilst asking this, I cannot see a corresponding Restore function? Is it a case of opening the file you backed up?

    Also, what is the purpose of the Archive function on the Tools menu and how does this differ from a backup?

    Some clarification around total backup/restore would be great to see, and I am sure other users would rest easy with this knowledge, especially when your data really starts to grow.

    Many thanks.

  2. Chris

    13 Oct 2016 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    There is a dedicated page explaining various points about Backups and the differences with the Archive tool here:

    To restore, it's a simple case of copying the files back, but ensure doogiePIM is shutdown first.

    Personally, I do an Archiver backup every week and a Backup Database every day.

  3. So does the archive function simply copy the whole Bitespire folder into a ZIP?

    Is everything in the Bitespire folder, or are some settings kept elsewhere, such as the Registry?

  4. Chris

    13 Oct 2016 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    Yes, the archive function copies the whole sub-folder structure and files into a Zip file. You are free to use your own Zipping tool should you have one.

    There are no settings in the Registry, it's all contained from within the doogiePIM application folder. This makes it easier to be portable -- and for backups.

    Details on the file structure is here:

  5. Excellent. Thanks Chris.

    I will exit out weekly and just copy the whole Bitespire folder to a backup location, then re-open the PIM.

    Thanks for clarifying this.


  6. Chris

    14 Oct 2016 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    There's an enhancement and a major fix to the Archiver in version

  7. Thanks Chris.


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