Contacts Feature Request - Date stamps

  1. 3 years ago

    Would you be able to add 2 new date stamps to the Contacts > Create/Edit Contact card,
    Date Created
    Date Last Updated

    Once contacts are entered, and some months or years pass, it would be very useful to know when the contact was last updated, especially when you know a contact's details have changed, such as someone moving, or their telephone number changing.
    If you see the record was updated recently, you would know it is correct, but if there has been no update for some time, you would assume it may not be correct.

    These date stamps are most probably already stored in the database so would just need adding to the contacts card. They could be added on the bottom of the card (between the Help and Save buttons maybe?)

    Many thanks for considering this.


  2. Chris

    16 Oct 2016 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    There are two fields already in use for each Contact record.
    They are:
    CreationTime Set to when the record was first added to the database.
    LastModificationTime Set to the last time the record was changed in anyway.

    These two fields can be used in SQL queries, like so:

    SELECT FileAs, CreationTime, LastModificationTime from Contacts Order by FileAs

    Add this query to the Advanced (SQL) tab of the Database Search (F9) and run it.

    If you are familiar with some HTML, you can add these fields to the contact record preview card that is displayed under the Contacts list.

    Name of the record card file:


    Use the following identifiers:



    <table bgcolor="BtnFace" cellpadding=4 cellspacing=1>
    <tr valign=top>
    <td width=70 bgcolor="3dLight" align=right>Created on
    <td colspan=3 bgcolor="Window">|~Field=CreationTime~|
    <td width=70 bgcolor="3dLight" align=right>Modified on
    <td colspan=3 bgcolor="Window">|~Field=LastModificationTime~|
  3. Hi Chris,

    Appreciate the SQL info on reading these via a report. However, could the two fields be added to the Contact Card so that these dates can be seen from within the PIM?


  4. Would this be an easy job for the next release please?


  5. Chris

    18 Oct 2016 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    I have it planned for the next version :)

    I plan to add caption dates next to the Help button that show the creation time and last modified. Not just for the contact but added to some other record edit windows too. I'm also going to implement these fields in the Reports section as well as some list grids. This is the reason why it didn't get included in the last build.

  6. Perfect!

    Many thanks Chris.


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