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    19 Oct 2016 Test Pilot

    Hi Chris,
    I remember using the original do-Organizer some years ago and loved it above every other PIM. Trouble was, it did crash a lot and the successive versions, even to Harmony, never seemed to make it work smoothly. I was so sorry when it ceased with the last update in November 2011.
    I was very pleased to receive the email announcing that it has come back to us in its present form. Congratulations on a splendid job. I am really enjoying using doogiePIM. A great desire I have is the facility to sync with Google Calendar and contacts. Even perhaps with Google Drive (docs). I tend to use my smartphone and tablet a lot for calendaring and contacts work, and at the moment I have to enter new details into phone/tablet and doogiePIM on the PC. It would be wonderful if the two would sync like, say Essential PIM or Emclient do (forgive my mentioning the competition!).
    Many thanks and kind regards,

  2. Chris

    19 Oct 2016 Developer, Moderator, Test Pilot

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write in and letting me know how you are getting along with doogiePIM. User feedback is so important to the development of software. I welcome each and every gripe, idea, bug, suggestion and comment.

    Using this forum's search for "google", you'll see one result that is:

    In the post I mention Google sync for calendars is in the pipeline. I can now add that Google Contacts will also be included. I'm hoping for a Dec 2016 to Jan 2017 release for the sync beta.

    Google Drive goes into a different territory. I will look further into this.

    An Android version is in the works. Which means sync between device and PC. I can't say for sure when though. Most likely, second quarter 2017.

    Although I don't really approve of competition being mentioned, I do believe that free-speech and your opinions are more important.

  3. Johnt

    19 Oct 2016 Test Pilot

    Many thanks Chris. Google sync for calendars and contacts would be a wonderful Christmas present or start to the New Year. Look forward to it, all being well. Also the Android version further on.
    Kind regards, John.


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