When a multi-day calendar event is added to the 5 or 7 day views, I get a thin banner over the days at the top of the calendar (even though I am setting times of 08:00 to 18:00). This leaves the calendar for those days looking empty.

I would rather see the day shaded out between the times.

I can achieve this by manually dragging down the time for a day, then adding the event. This then leaves that time shaded out with the event added properly for the day, and you are left in no doubt that the time is booked. However, if the event is for several days, I would have to do this for each day, one at a time.

Is there a setting to always add timed events to the main calendar, rather than just inserting a thin banner at the top (above the timed areas)? Just about every CRM system I've ever used does work this way.