Suggestion: Add linking to specific Reports

  1. 3 years ago
    Edited 3 years ago by RandallG

    I'm wondering if it would be possible to add the ability to link from all the sections to specific reports? Primarily from Noteboard, Documents, and Contacts, but all would be nice too. Thanks for considering.

  2. Chris

    24 Oct 2016 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    Just an idea.

    The reports are saved as doNotes. Check the folder: C:\BiteSpire\doogiePIM\Data Files\Reports

    Therefore, you could import the doNote Report into the Documents, then link from there. Each time the Report is run, it will overwrite the last so if its in the Documents, you have a permanent record.

    Once inside Documents, you can link it to any applicable record. You should notice too that the hyperlinks within the report should work, unless you delete a record.

  3. Chris

    24 Oct 2016 Developer, Moderator, Beta Tester

    If it helps, I can add a new command on the Reports toolbar to "Add this Report as a New Document". This way there's no messing around with importing. The command will do it all for you.
    Besides the linking, that is. :)


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