Suggestion: Toggle on/off the preview window in Messages

  1. 3 years ago
    Edited 3 years ago by RandallG

    In addition, I'd like to see when you double click an email, it only opens it rather than open in a reply status. Just opening it then still gives you the Reply option button if you choose. This way you can allow the preview window to be disabled if desired. Also would like to see an option that allows you to to open message images by default in the "Open" message windows just like you can with the preview message window.

  2. This can be done in the program settings.

  3. -image-

  4. Wow, I totally missed that. Thank you Sergiy. I still don't get the images in the opened email window though even though I do in the Preview Window to the right side of the message list. However, thanks for this because I totally spaced out on seeing that option to "Open instead of reply on double click". :-)

  5. Do not mention it, Randall. Images in an email? To see them once, you need to make two clicks as shown in the figure below. To see them all the time, you need to change it in the settings (see top picture settings) - External Internet Images in Messages - Always download (NOT Recommended)


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