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A big list of your suggestions and bug reports resulting in the latest build for you to download.

The main work has been on the Noteboard with new features and enhancements to using the section. Many thanks to Joerg for keeping me busy this week.

You'll also see some nice little changes in the browser. The long awaited page search makes its debut.( I can hear a cheer in the background.) There's also a Block This Content on the context menu so you can immediately block advert image servers. Of course, you are free to edit the patterns in the Admin menu as normal.

My favourite has to be creating a Document of the current Report. I'm using this a lot now. Many thanks to Randall for this little suggestion and idea.

Finally, a great big thanks to J Hinkley for submitting bugs and suggestions. That guy has certainly kept me on my toes.

A complete list of changes are below. Once again, keep those bug reports and suggestions coming in.


The new version is available for download here:
There is an installation version and a portable version available.

Summary of the latest changes in this version

Documents | New Feature | Added "Duplicate Document" on Navigator context menu
Noteboard | New Feature | Added "Set as default Noteboard background colour" in Format menu
Noteboard | New Feature | Added options to change grid size and snapping distance in View menu
Noteboard | New Feature | Note Blocks can now be resized using the corners
Noteboard | New Feature | Added Line Width setting to connector lines
Noteboard | New Feature | Added new connector line type - Square
Noteboard | New Feature | Added "Duplicate Note Block" command in Note Blocks main menu with shortcut of Ctrl+K
Noteboard | New Feature | Setting default noteblock editor font style and size
Noteboard | Enhancement | Duplicate Note Block also duplicates the Note content
Noteboard | Enhancement | Scrollbars removed from Note Blocks making centred text look nicer
Noteboard | Enhancement | Improved anti-aliasing algorithm on connector lines
Noteboard | Enhancement | Improved line highlight when hovering near a connector line
Noteboard | Enhancement | Improvements to "Set default noteblock style" now remembers more attributes
Browser | New Feature | Holding Shift whilst clicking on a link in doogiePIM will open the link in a new doBrowser tab
Browser | New Feature | Added "Block this content" to right-click context menu. Adds the server to the advert blocking list.
Browser | New Feature | Implemented web page search, Ctrl+F
Calendar | Enhancement | Clicking Week view now shows 7 days with a daily timebar grid
Journal | New Feature | Added "Journal Date" in Navigator Properties for quick edit of Journal's date
Planner | Fix | Context menu of Planner, menu shows Full Year regardless of the view
Reports | New Feature | Added "Create a New Document from Report" command on Reports toolbar and in Report menu
Reports | New Feature | Creation Time and Last Modified added to data fields and conditional parameters
UI | Fix | Navigator properties now sets custom font, borders and style to multiple selection
UI | New Feature | Data list grid alternate row tint amount added to Settings under "Color and UI behaviour"
UI | New Feature | Creation Time and Last Modified Time added to Contacts, Resources, Tasks and other edit windows
UI | Fix | Entering registration details removes "Convert to full version" from Help menu
FilesExplorer | Fix | PNG thumbnails appear flipped
Tasks | Enhancement | Task list toolbar can now be docked to top, left, right or bottom areas
Tasks | New Feature | Tasks remembers last used Type, Category and Priority for new records
Messages | Enhancement | Added hyperlinks "Go to Messages" and "Go to Home" in Alert Message
Messages | Fix | Whitelists and Blacklists reload after edits using the Admin commands
Messages | Enhancement | DNSBL logic when checking for messages
Contacts | Fix | Flag Marker column in heading context menu
Contacts | Fix | Editing of custom labels for telephone, email and URLs whilst record is editor open
Internal | New Feature | Added option to close current database before Archiving
Internal | Fix | Archiver remembering last source and destination paths