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  1. 4 days ago
    Wed May 22 16:51:20 2019
    BiteSpire posted in updates don't work.

    Were you able to find a solution as nothing has been posted since your original?

  2. 5 days ago
    Tue May 21 09:50:29 2019
    BiteSpire posted in updates don't work.

    Providing screenshots also help a great deal but please don't show any personal information.

  3. Tue May 21 09:49:04 2019
    BiteSpire posted in Better HTML Support.

    This is by design. Images that are in the HTML can be a privacy concern. However, we are making changes to allow you that option in a future update. The options will be in the Settings.

  4. Tue May 21 09:47:18 2019
    BiteSpire posted in updates don't work.

    Could you explain what you mean in a little more detail please.

    Are you using the Portable version or the Installation.
    What error messages do you get?

  5. last week
    Fri May 17 07:18:27 2019
    BiteSpire posted in Things I've noticed.

    Many thanks for the found issues.

    The kerning can be looked t and checked but we are not familiar with WordWeb. We'll certainly take a look at it and see if we can provide better functionality with third party software.

    The suggestions, ideas and feedback all users post in these forums and email, all help a great deal in the development of doogiePIM and future software of BiteSpire. A great thanks goes to you for taking your valuable time to submit this.

  6. 2 weeks ago
    Thu May 9 06:30:48 2019

    As long as you install a second doogiePIM to a new folder, there is no conflict between the two. You will find each runs as its own entity.

    Thank you for your comments on Harmony and GemX. I hope the form of doogiePIM will satisfy some of your needs. :)

  7. Thu May 9 05:13:29 2019

    You are correct. In order to avoid people copying over the contents of subsequent updates using the Portable version, the default Icon Library isn't included. Otherwise, this would overwrite the user's own library.

    If you would like the default icons, install the Installation version to a temp folder and copy the Icon Repository from there. Then uninstall your temp version.

    We can make the Icon Repository available as a separate download for future Portable users in the next update cycle.

    Many thanks for raising this issue.

  8. 3 weeks ago
    Sat May 4 10:58:12 2019
    BiteSpire posted in Email account sync problem.

    You only need to turn on Gmail less secure apps access when you don't have two factor authentication. I'm not sure if Google have changed anything recently, but I use Google Mail on some accounts using POP3 without a problem.

    "Less secure apps" are those where you haven't setup a separate app password instead of using your main Gmail password. This would have to be done at the Google end. I believe Google set this up this way to ensure you don't give your main Google password to email clients as a secure measure, and rightly so.

    I can only suggest using the following settings for gmail:

    Google may provide further help on this matter too.

  9. Sat May 4 10:48:08 2019
    BiteSpire posted in Database encryption .

    Thank you for reporting this.

    We've tried it on the test machines and it appears there is an encryption conflict with TwoFish and Windows. This will be corrected for the next update. :)

    AES is usually a very good choice for encryption.

  10. 7 weeks ago
    Tue Apr 2 08:59:05 2019
    BiteSpire posted in Home Page Questions.

    @mikeinnc Hi Chris - any movement on this? I've just sat at my computer and it is now Tuesday 02 Apr (morning). Home page is still showing 'Today: Monday 1 April 2019'. Clicking on 'Refresh' in the tool bar successfully changes the 'Quote of the day' at each click, but the date stays stubbornly set on 1 April. OK, as before shutting down and restarting will set the correct date - but should that be necessary? Thanks!

    You'll be pleased to hear this issue is fixed in the current development version and is included in the next update. I'm not able to say when this is to be released but I do believe it is soon.

    For your information: You are able to click on the dates on the small calendar to the left. Therefore, instead of hitting Refresh, simply click on 2 April. In the next update, this is automated.

    Many thanks for reporting this issue and if there are any further problems, please let us know.

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