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  1. 11 months ago
    Tue Oct 11 05:54:59 2022
    BiteSpire posted in Ability to sort folders.

    Do you need to sort only a selection of folders or the whole tree?

    I was thinking, as a future feature, one could multi-select more than one folder/documents/items and then sort only those.

  2. 2 years ago
    Wed Aug 4 09:37:23 2021
    BiteSpire posted in I miss the Icon Library.

    This is by design.

    The old bitmap icons (2007) took far too many resources, making them use more memory than necessary.
    A 16x16 bitmap is terrible in memory and looks really bad when scaled on new monitors.

    The new system uses vector style images, making them use far less memory and looks wonderful at any scale.

    Therefore, there will be a brand new set of vector clip art for you to use in the coming weeks. This also means you can tint any of the folder icons, flag markers, resource icons to any colour you wish, and use the new vector art on the Noteboard. Exciting things this way comes.

    I believe this to be a future proof solution for many years to come.

  3. Sun Aug 1 18:12:03 2021
    BiteSpire started the conversation doogiePIM 3 is available here....

    Head over to the upgrade page and enter your version 2 key.

    We hope you enjoy the new interface and improved features.

  4. Wed Jul 28 22:08:21 2021

    A brand new Test Pilot version is available here:

  5. Tue Jul 20 22:56:01 2021

    Chris remembered the Portable versions this time ;)

  6. Fri Jul 16 07:16:54 2021

    The new version can be downloaded from here:

  7. Wed Mar 31 16:49:43 2021

    The planned sync features are as follows:

    All optional through settings embedded into each database. (There may be somme databases you don't wish to sync/check for new data).

    1. Check Messages (POP, IMAP, RSS).
    2. Check Calendar/Tasks Events and Reminders (ICS, CAL).
    3. Check Mobile Sync records (LAN).

    Various situations when sync can be initiated.

    1. On startup of doogie.
    2. Opening a different database.
    3. Before a database backup.
    4. Manual click of a button.

    This may improve/change as the versions are released, depending on feedback and use.

  8. Mon Mar 22 16:41:13 2021

    An API is something that will be looked at towards the end of this year, after version 3 has been through a few months of use.

    There may be some Plugins but the security needs to be very tight as opening an API will mean opening access to certain functions.

    We will see and review this feature later.

  9. Fri Jan 15 09:06:50 2021
    BiteSpire posted in X to minimize.

    Clicking X is usually to close that window. This is pretty standard throughout.

    The main window of doogiePIM is no exception. If you click X on the main window, that window will close, releasing memory and auto saving any document that was open. However, doogiePIM being a timer/schedule based application, will run in the background to serve any Task and Calendar reminders, gather Email and be on-hand for when you need it. Hence the reason for a doogiePIM Shutdown command in the File menu and on the context menu of the system tray icon.

    To minimize any doNotes would need you to click the Minimize button "_".

  10. Thu Dec 10 20:12:27 2020

    Thanks for the heads up.

    It has been discovered recently, the same with some Vietnamese characters too. Yup, it's being fixed, hopefully for the next update.


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