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  1. 2 months ago
    Fri Mar 27 09:43:43 2020

    Hmm..... Interesting.....

    I need to look further into this but I don't like the idea of having open text, unencrypted files hanging around a disk structure.

    The game is afoot.

  2. 4 months ago
    Sun Jan 19 13:08:33 2020

    I agree, GNUMACS is a great solution for Tex and LaTex documents.

  3. Thu Jan 16 18:37:56 2020

    Thanks for all the ideas and feedback.

    The bespoke database format was made a long time again as there was no fast indexing, quick retrieval and compact storage system at the time of development. Of course, now we have lots of base file systems to use, such as DropBox and Microsoft drive (yuk).

    I'm sure a file/folder based system could be implemented although it wouldn't be as compact and as fast to retrieve data than the current model.

    Brainstorming will ensue. :)

  4. Wed Jan 8 07:21:13 2020
    BiteSpire posted in Setting default font color.

    Please give further information when submitting reports. In order for me to fix the colour problem I would need to know which window this is. It looks like the Search window but it could be other windows within doogiePIM.

    Thanks for all the feedback and support to make doogie better.

  5. Tue Jan 7 09:23:39 2020
    BiteSpire posted in Setting default font color.

    The font colour is dynamically changed to match an opposite colour based on the intensity of the current theme colour. To enable complete user customisation of all text colours of the UI would be quite a task.

    The font colours of document tree and folders can be set individually or in a group. Plenty of options are available there.

    There are also text background colour changes related to events, tasks etc in the record edit windows.

    The Documents section has a great deal of text and font options with the use of Styles.

    What further font colour changes do you need?

  6. Tue Jan 7 09:19:30 2020

    Thanks for the report. Added to fix list.

  7. Tue Jan 7 09:18:40 2020

    There are some commands used to start doogiePIM with a database and launch sections and head to a particular record. These are not currently documented. However, if you select a record then use the "Edit/Create Desktop Shortcut to item". You can then examine the param string in the shortcut properties.

    I'll see what I can do about documenting the current param commands.

  8. Tue Jan 7 09:15:43 2020

    These options will be changed so you can enable error messages AND have other messages. Changing from radio buttons to checkboxes.

    Again, thanks for the feedback.

  9. Tue Jan 7 09:13:46 2020
    BiteSpire posted in Bad email encoding autodetection.

    It isn't possible to change the encoding of the message as every new message is encoded using Unicode.

    This could be implemented. Thanks for the heads up and feedback.

  10. Sun Jan 5 10:02:33 2020
    BiteSpire posted in Security and advanced settings.

    Hunspell isn't a format that doogie uses as it has its own format. However, the dictionaries are freely available to edit and quite a simple process. More information about Translation can be found here:

    Error Messages for Email problems can be enabled, thus:

    At this time, there is no doogie error log. However, I'm very happy to implement such a setting, Database log, Email log, Browser log, Memory log, etc. I can also add in a parameter line for the browser rendering so you are able to launch the browser with advanced settings. Keep an eye on the What Has Changed page for this inclusion.

    Plugins are not supported, at present. Blocking of adverts are done through filters and you are free to edit those patterns. "Always HTTPS" is supported by enabling the option in the Web Browser settings.

    IMAP 4.1 is in the works. ;)

    Many thanks for all you wonderful questions and feedback. I hope you enjoy a continued use of doogiePIM.

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