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  1. 19 hours ago
    Tue Jul 23 07:01:05 2019

    The problem is one of legality.

    Chrome has licences for all the major video formats and is coded to play videos better.
    doogiePIM doesn't have all the needed licences yet.

    There is one major format, H.264. This format is widely used and I'm in the process of obtaining the licence to use this in my software. I could use rogue libraries but that would be illegal.

    As at the time of writing, I'm waiting for approval to use the patented format H.264 in doogiePIM. Once done, the range and formats of the built-in video player will greatly improve.

    - Chris

  2. yesterday
    Mon Jul 22 09:20:49 2019
    BiteSpire posted in Unable to add a Calendar event.

    It's no bother at all. Happy to give help and advice, if I can. :)

    - Chris

  3. Mon Jul 22 07:15:52 2019
    BiteSpire posted in Unable to add a Calendar event.

    I believe the problem may be due to Resources not being assigned as a Calendar Resource. You have to mark the Resource accordingly. By default, a new database comes with one Resource record "Default" which is marked as a Calendar Resource. Hence the reason why your new database appears to function correctly.

    You need to go back to your Resource you want as a Calendar Resource then edit the record accordingly.


    These help pages explain Calendar Resources:

  4. 2 days ago
    Sun Jul 21 09:28:59 2019

    Thanks for the extra information. You are correct, there is a minor problem with the spell/thesaurus check on the focused edit window. It is planned to be fixed for the next update release.

    Well spotted. :)

  5. 3 days ago
    Sat Jul 20 20:24:52 2019
    BiteSpire posted in Hello Everyone and Questions!.

    You mention you had hand written notes. Were these notes in a graphical format? as doogiePIM will only take the text of TexNotes into the Documents area.

    There is no Android version available, as yet. Some development has been done but has been deferred to concentrate on the prime reason for doogiePIM being a local database that is securely stored on a single storage area.

    Yes, a better Web Research clipping tool is on the horizon, enabling users to grab data from the web pages and insert quickly into Documents and Notes.

    I hope you find more of the features of doogiePIM to be useful and thank you for your questions.

  6. Sat Jul 20 20:19:19 2019

    Could you show the location of the commands please. Are you referring to the ones on the main toolbar or elsewhere such as in the main menu.

    It's possible the icon lost its command link during compilation. Rest assured, this will be fixed for the next update.

  7. Sat Jul 20 20:16:52 2019
    BiteSpire posted in DoNote Save Inconsistency.

    Thank you for the report.
    This bug has been added to the schedule and is due to be fixed for the next update.

  8. Sat Jul 20 20:15:48 2019

    Terribly sorry for missing this one.

    doogiePIM doesn't store the native formats of any file type. When you import an RTF document into doogiePIM, it's stored using an internal XML format.

    You can place bookmarks to files or even use the built-in Files Manager to link a file to a database record, if desired. However, this is only linked via the filename and no content is stored inside the database.

    I'm not sure doogiePIM would be ideal as a File Indexer as there are many better tools for that type of cataloging.
    Perhaps a new product on the horizon. :)

  9. 4 days ago
    Fri Jul 19 20:36:53 2019
    BiteSpire posted in 'Save as type' image question.

    @Voltaire Clicking on the flagged Noteboards and Events takes you directly to them. Clicking on the flagged Planner does not. Is this something I've missed or a bug?

    This appears to be a glitch that can be fixed for the next update.
    Thanks for reporting this.

  10. Fri Jul 19 16:08:32 2019
    BiteSpire posted in 'Save as type' image question.

    The default filename of the "Save As" image should be filled in, unless it's a dynamic image. I'll add into the development schedule to automatically assign an appropriate name and file type by default for a future version.

    Thank you and welcome to the community.

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