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    Fri Mar 8 08:01:38 2019

    [Replied via Email.]

    It is normal for the Archive feature to close the database. It is important to flush data to the disk before archiving your files.
    Is it possible you opened the previous database or perhaps the "Inbox" has reread the mail server. Without specifics, it's difficult to pin-point the exact problem.

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    Wed Jan 10 13:57:06 2018

    The Meltdown and Spectre revelations have people around the world concerned about privacy, but there has also been great speculation about the reduction in performance that patches might bring. Now Microsoft and Intel have opened up about the sort of slowdown PC users and server operators can expect.

    Having previously tried to play down the negative impact that bug patches will have on systems, Intel's benchmark test now shows that -- depending on the tasks -- a slowdown of between 2 and 14 percent can be observed. Microsoft says that anyone with a computer dating from 2015 and earlier will notice a decrease in system performance.

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  3. Wed Jan 10 13:53:33 2018

    It’s a busy month for Microsoft, and after releasing emergency updates last week to address Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, the company kicked off the monthly Patch Tuesday rollout a few hours ago with more fixes for Windows, Office, Edge, and ASP.NET.

    This time, a total of 55 vulnerabilities are being fixed with Patch Tuesday updates and no less than 16 of them are rated as critical, while 38 were labeled important. No less than 20 are said to allow remote code execution (RCE), enabling attackers to take control of an unpatched system.

    Out of the vulnerabilities fixed this month, four of them have been publicly disclosed, and one has been confirmed to be targeted by exploits available in the wild.

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  4. 2 years ago
    Fri Jun 24 16:23:30 2016
    BiteSpire started the conversation doogiePIM version 1.0.2016.87 Now Available.

    As promised, a new doogiePIM update with a couple of minor UI fixes and some new features and enhancements. Along with setting the website up for HTTPS, I've changed all the links in doogiePIM, such as Check For Update, to connect to the BiteSpire server via a private connection.

    As always, enjoy doogiePIM and if you have any suggestions on improvements, please throw a post into this community forum or contact me .


    The new version is available for download here:
    There is an installation version and a portable version available.

    Latest changes in this version

    Internal | Enhancement | All links to BiteSpire uses HTTPS (private secure connection) by default.
    Internal | New Feature | CSV import has a new setting added to define the delimiter character.
    Internal | New Feature | Added setting to automatically check for doogiePIM updates.
    Finance | Enhancement | Default currency can now be edited in the Settings & Preferences/Finance.
    Finance | New Feature | Highlights current balance as at today and displays balance in totals line under the listing grid.
    Browser | Enhancement | CEF3 updated.
    Browser | Enhancement | "Add new tab" now focuses the URL edit box.
    Browser | Enhancement | Clicking on the results dropdown in the URL box now immediately launches that result.
    Contacts | Enhancement | Improved data entry of extra fields.
    Vault | New Feature | "Folder Name" column added to list view grid.
    Vault | Enhancement | Improved cosmetics on item type icons.
    UI | Fix | Help balloon position fix when using 2+ monitors.
    UI | Fix | Left click on a Navigator icon to change the icon or adjust Flag Marker.

  5. Wed Jun 22 13:14:37 2016
    BiteSpire started the conversation BiteSpire website now uses HTTPS by default.

    Have you noticed that little green padlock in the top left corner, next to the URL? That means your browsing experience is private. All BiteSpire pages, including any logins for the Community, are now served on HTTPS secure TLS protocol.

    For more information about HTTPS, see here:
    For more information about privacy and browsing, see here:

    doogiePIM will be released in the next day or two with changes to any links to changed to https too. There's also some new features that I hope you like.

    As always, thanks for reading.

  6. Tue Mar 29 17:32:41 2016

    Slightly ahead of schedule, the public version of doogiePIM is available for you to download here.

    We hope you enjoy the Personal Information Manager, along with the ad blocking built-in web browser. And, of course, the suite of sections for your record keeping.

    The Getting Started Help section is still under development. Our room of highly skilled monkeys are hard at the keyboards to bring you the documentation as soon as possible. Believe me, we had to bring in truck loads of bananas.

    Go ahead and install doogiePIM and let us know your thoughts of what you would like to see improved.

    Enjoy :)

  7. 3 years ago
    Fri Feb 26 11:59:55 2016
    BiteSpire started the conversation How to report a bug or request a feature.

    Found a bug? Then please let me know .
    Want a new feature? Awesome, tell me all about it.

    Firstly, look through the Community and see if there's anything that comes close to your finding. If so, then please go into that conversation and post your report.

    If you find nothing that comes close, then Create a New Ticket .

    Be as detailed as you can and don't forget to tell me which doogiePIM version you are running.

    Screenshots are the most wonderful thing we could want, so use the image url embedding feature and link a screenshot. Image providers such as let you upload images for free.

  8. Fri Feb 26 08:36:49 2016
    BiteSpire started the conversation doogiePIM FAQ.

    How do I install doogiePIM after I've downloaded it?
    A: See here:

    May I install and use on more than one computer for my personal use?
    A: Yes, you may install on more than one computer for personal usage. When you "network share" your database with others, ie: connecting to the same database at the same time. That's when you need a multi-user license.

    May I move the application folder, after installation, to a different location?
    A: If you've used the installation version, then it's not a good idea to move it as Windows would get confused and would invalidate the Control Panel Uninstall list.
    If you're using the Portable version, then yes, you may move the folder around your hard disk or to other removeable disk as you need.

    How do I Uninstall doogiePIM?
    A: To uninstall, follow the steps below:
    [1] Click on the START button on your Windows Taskbar.
    [2] Select the SETTINGS option.
    [3] Select the CONTROL PANEL.
    [4] When the control panel has opened, double click on Add/Remove Programs.
    [5] In the listing of programs that can be uninstalled, you will find an item in the listing for "doogiePIM". Select it.
    [6] Click on the Add/Remove button and follow the instructions on screen.

    Do I need to reboot my computer after uninstalling doogiePIM?
    A: You don't need to reboot your computer after uninstalling.

    When I uninstall doogiePIM, what happens to my data file that I created with doogiePIM?
    A: When you have completed the uninstall operation it will only uninstall the doogiePIM application. Any database files you created will be left intact for you to consider in case you may need to use them again. Database files contain your data you have created. If you do not need them just locate the folder where you saved your doogiePIM files and delete them manually.

    Do I need to uninstall a previous version of doogiePIM before installing another?
    A: No, but you will need to Shutdown doogiePIM in order to install a newer version.

    Will doogiePIM run on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10?
    A: Yes.

    Will doogiePIM run on 64bit machines?
    A: Yes.

    Will doogiePIM run on Linux?
    A: No.

    Will doogiePIM run on Android?
    A: No, not yet.

    Will doogiePIM run on Macintosh?
    A: No. It is unlikely that it ever will.

    Is doogiePIM network compatible?
    A: You are able to open database files from across a network, there's file and record locking so the number of user connections is denoted by the licence type you've purchased.
    If you've purchased a 2+ multi-user license, then 2+ users can open the same database at the same time. A single standalone edition can only be used by 1 user at any one time.

    Can I run more than one copy of doogiePIM at the same time?
    A: No. doogiePIM was designed to run only as one process. Therefore you can only open one database at a time.

    Does doogiePIM have any backup precautions to safe guard my data?
    A: doogiePIM can create encrypted files saved to a backup location using the built-in encryption/decryption backup and restore facilities. There's a Shield looking icon on the main toolbar to quickly Backup your database. It is advisable to do this everyday.

    Is doogiePIM compatible with Microsoft Word?
    A: To some degree, yes. doogiePIM will try to understand as much of the formatting as possible, however, Word has many features so not everything can be converted. Some Word DOC files and RTF can be imported into the Notes and Journal sections of doogiePIM. Of course, you can copy/paste formatted text to and from Word.

    doogiePIM comes with an American dictionary, how can I obtain dictionaries for other languages?
    A: doogiePIM comes with an American dictionary and Roget's Thesaurus. If you require further dictionaries, they can be downloaded freely from the Download page.

    To install any extra dictionaries, you just need to copy the downloaded dictionary to the folder where you installed doogiePIM to: eg. "C:\Program Files\doogiePIM". Run doogiePIM, then select from the Main menu Edit/Spell checker settings, click on Locate dictionaries and follow the instructions on screen.

    What's the maximum amount of data that doogiePIM will hold?
    A: It depends on your storage capacity and operating system.
    However, it is a good idea to keep the database size to less than 4 Gigabytes. 4GB gives you storage for literally millions of records and is easier to move around on a USB stick, should you need to.

    If I buy doogiePIM, what version upgrades do I get free?
    A: If you buy version 1, you will receive all minor version upgrades for version 1.x free of charge. This means you will get 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9 for free. When version 2 comes out, you'll get a 50% discount on the upgrade.

    I need a particular feature that doogiePIM doesn't have, can you include it?
    A: If you need something but doogiePIM can't do it, then write in and let us know. If we can implement the idea and we think other users will also benefit, then it will be implemented in a future update.

    I purchased a full copy of doogiePIM and received a registration number XXXX. When I received notification from you that X.X was ready I downloaded it and am using it now, but can find no way to insert the registration number...

    A: In doogiePIM, there is a menu option in the main menu "Help / Convert to Full Version". When you purchase doogiePIM, you will be sent an email with your registration number. when you get this number, simply select the menu option to convert doogiePIM into a full version by entering that number. Your software will then instantly be full with no further downloads needed.

  9. Tue Feb 23 17:18:50 2016
    BiteSpire posted in Welcome to BiteSpire Community.

    The BiteSpire Community is a place where all doogiePIM users may collaborate and/or find support on using the software I create.

    I accept constructive criticism, so go ahead and post your thoughts. No idea is too small or too crazy. If you have something to say about doogiePIM, please go ahead and say it.

    I do hope you enjoy my software for now and in the future.


  10. Tue Feb 23 17:18:49 2016
    BiteSpire joined the forum.