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    Fri Feb 8 23:00:27 2019
    T theo posted in Custom filter.

    In any of the sections. For example, in Task db, filtering "This week" and saving it as a button on the navigation bar to easily click it to view the filter. I know there is capability of filtering the tasks in the way I am referring to, However, I am wonder if one can save it for future use? does it make sense?

  2. Thu Jan 24 05:33:04 2019
    T theo started the conversation Custom filter.

    Is there a way to save custom filter in to the navigation menu area for future filtering? If not that would be a great feature to think about. Thank much.

  3. Thu Jan 24 05:24:11 2019
    T theo posted in [v3] Killer Features.

    Thank you very much. i was not aware of that.

  4. Tue Jan 22 18:49:53 2019
    T theo posted in Recurring task.

    Fantastic. I am raving about Doogie to friends and colleagues. Everyone is impressed and almost all are asking where the recurring tasks are. This is going to be a game changer for most. Thanks for being so diligent to accommodate for new requests. I am so pumped.

  5. Tue Jan 22 14:38:27 2019
    T theo started the conversation Recurring task.

    Hey y'all, after many years of searching for a balanced PIM, I came across Doigie and I have been delighted. Hats off to the developing team with much gratitude. One thing that has flagged my reservation though is the lack of recurring task. I do not understand if there is a hidden philosophy behind tasks without recurring features, however, personally that is a huge deficit in Doogie. Please someone, help me understand the rationale behind it? Thank yo ou much.

  6. Tue Jan 22 14:26:45 2019
    T theo posted in [v3] Killer Features.

    What might be very useful is the ability to add people resource from the contacts. I am new to Doigie PIM, so, if there is already a thing like that, scratch it out. I myself did not find it.

  7. Mon Jan 21 11:31:51 2019
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