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  1. 6 weeks ago
    Sun Oct 28 04:11:17 2018
    R RandallG posted in Emails CC and BCC.

    Click on Messages and then on Compose Mail. Then right click in the message area and choose View. From there you can check the options to "Show CC" and "Show BCC".

  2. 7 weeks ago
    Thu Oct 25 15:40:27 2018
    R RandallG posted in "DoogiePIM not responding".

    I've not ever experienced this nor have I read anyone else experiencing this. I wonder if you have run an anti-virus and malware scan recently? Also are you insuring that the scanning software is up to date and has current virus definition files? I'd start there for sure. Also, you should respond to Chris' request for info. He's always here to help. I'm curious what version of Windows are you using and is it also up to date with Windows updates?

  3. 3 months ago
    Fri Aug 17 20:01:40 2018

    Thanks Chris. I have now created an MP3 of it. Been listening to a lot of his music on Youtube too. Very relaxing music.

  4. Fri Aug 17 02:13:28 2018

    Totally love the soundtrack to your video Chris. Can we have it in Doogie as a selectable alert or alarm? Love it. Need to figure out how to snag it for a ringtone on my phone too. :-)

  5. 5 months ago
    Thu Jul 12 21:21:31 2018
    R RandallG posted in In Interest of Privacy and Freedom.

    So this might be a dumb question because I've not researched it yet. But could one use DoogiePIM in Linux if they created a WINE wrapper? That is, if they have a valid Doogie license of course. What I'm not sure of is if using a WINE wrapper re-introduces the same vulnerabilities as Windows has. Ideas or comments?

  6. 7 months ago
    Tue May 1 16:07:55 2018

    I'd like to add that if you have a spreadsheet created in Excel for example and it has lots of formatted cells, formulas, fonts, and colors etc, those all import quite nicely into the finance section of DoogiePIM. I was very impressed with this functionality. Also, it exports back into Excel format just as nicely should you ever need or want to do that.

  7. 8 months ago
    Sun Mar 25 18:22:54 2018
    R RandallG posted in Minibar Vertical.

    I do still have two Verticals that could be used as starting points. One is icons and captions and the other is icons only. I'm attempting to share from my Google Drive. Let me know if it doesn't work.
    Link Here:
    Mini Bar Templates

  8. Sat Mar 24 18:50:45 2018
    R RandallG posted in link issue in Documents.

    From the Reports section, I choose, "Create a new document from report" then save it in my Documents folder called "Linked Reports". Are these not really linked and just a created document as of the day it's created? If so, No problem, I may have just misinterpreted those as linked.

  9. Fri Mar 23 20:25:46 2018
    R RandallG posted in link issue in Documents.

    Chris, I have a folder in Documents that I named, "Linked Reports". Under that I have several documents that were linked to a report but never update even though the reports are updated and re-generated. Also, when I attempt to add a new Link by clicking the link icon called, "Add other linked item", within that folder, All the items that can be linked onto, are grayed out in the list. Is this operator error on my part or a bug? Thank you.

  10. Sat Mar 17 17:02:58 2018
    R RandallG started the conversation Suggestion for Holidays in Calendar.

    Not a fix....but a suggestion...... An overlay file that contains holidays, seasons, daylight savings days, etc that would show up in the calendar. I realize there would need to be different ones for say the UK, Canada, US, and other European countries but it would be a nice addition to the calendar.

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