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  1. 2 years ago
    Sat Jul 3 13:32:44 2021
    BiteSpire changed RandallG's group to Test Pilot.
  2. Tue Feb 16 02:00:36 2021
    RandallG started the conversation F9 Search ignores "Case Sensitive" check box.

    Hi Chris,

    DoogiePIM Version

    I noticed just today that if I have a document name that includes caps, then implement a search by using F9 (for that same name but type in all lowercase, doogie won't find the document. Even though I uncheck the option that says, "Case Sensitive"
    For the search I click the tab "Search by Field", Then select Documents in "Search in" and Name in "Record Field".

  3. Sat Jan 16 00:15:48 2021

    Thank you Chris. I musta' had a case of brain fade. Ugh! ;-)

  4. Thu Jan 14 15:55:00 2021
    RandallG started the conversation Default font size, style and color in NEW documents.

    Hi Chris, Happy New Year!

    I thought this was an option in the past but maybe not. I'm having trouble finding a way to set the default font size, font style, and color when ever I start a new document. Is this possible? If not can we add this feature to the next release?

    Thanks so much,


  5. Mon Dec 14 18:06:47 2020
    RandallG started the conversation Noteboard connector lines not changing colours.

    When I attempt to change a specific connector line colour in any of my Noteboards, the line colour option is provided in line properties but after selecting a different colour the line color doesn't change to that selected color.
    (DoogiePIM Version: with Windows 10, Version 20H2, OS Build 19042.685)

  6. Fri Oct 23 16:31:28 2020
    RandallG started the conversation Recurring Reminder Window freezing DoogiePIM.

    I had a reminder window pop up this morning from the calendar. I usually just dismiss them but decided it needed to be removed now. I chose the menu option on the reminder windows to "Open". When I did, another window popped up but stuck underneath the Reminder window called, "Open Recurring Item". Both Windows became stuck open with no way to close them. As a result, none of the other features in doogiePIM worked either because the application was waiting for something to happen with those two stuck windows. Nothing else worked except shutting down doogiePIM. Upon choosing Shutdown, I received another error, "Oh my! Something unexpected happened." After restarting doogiePIM, I was able to open the calendar directly and remove the recurring event without issues.
    (Version: running in 64bit Windows 10, build 19041.572)

  7. 3 years ago
    Thu Jul 2 00:17:49 2020
    RandallG posted in Knock, knock! Anyone Home?.

    BiteSpire.... It would be really difficult to ask for or desire any more features than DoogiePIM already has. If someone needs more power or features than DoogiePIM already has, perhaps they should develop a complete Operating System that becomes the utopia or panacea they seek! Just sayin'! I love DoogiePIM just as it is. I really find it hard to believe anyone could want or need more from a PIM.

  8. Tue Jun 30 01:16:37 2020
    RandallG started the conversation Knock, knock! Anyone Home?.

    Hi Chris!

    Haven't seen much action here lately and hope all is well with you and yours.
    Just wanted to touch base and find out if you are still developing. Hoping Covid-19
    hasn't affected you or any other DoogiePIM users. Take good care all!

  9. Tue Nov 5 02:07:30 2019
    RandallG posted in Still active? Sales? :).

    Indeed this is the best PIM, bar none, packed full of features and customization capabilities. The best there ever was and still is!!! Interesting term "gem" LOL

  10. 4 years ago
    Thu Mar 7 16:33:10 2019
    RandallG started the conversation Backup Database Files & Archive Files.

    Today I performed a database backup followed by doing an Archive Files.
    Both completed with no errors. However, after they were both completed, DoogiePIM removed my connection to my database
    file and I had to tell it where it was again.
    Also, (even though I had previously deleted all the messages in my inbox) they were all back when I re-opened the database.

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