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  1. 2 months ago
    Thu Jul 2 00:17:49 2020
    RandallG posted in Knock, knock! Anyone Home?.

    BiteSpire.... It would be really difficult to ask for or desire any more features than DoogiePIM already has. If someone needs more power or features than DoogiePIM already has, perhaps they should develop a complete Operating System that becomes the utopia or panacea they seek! Just sayin'! I love DoogiePIM just as it is. I really find it hard to believe anyone could want or need more from a PIM.

  2. 3 months ago
    Tue Jun 30 01:16:37 2020
    RandallG started the conversation Knock, knock! Anyone Home?.

    Hi Chris!

    Haven't seen much action here lately and hope all is well with you and yours.
    Just wanted to touch base and find out if you are still developing. Hoping Covid-19
    hasn't affected you or any other DoogiePIM users. Take good care all!

  3. 10 months ago
    Tue Nov 5 02:07:30 2019
    RandallG posted in Still active? Sales? :).

    Indeed this is the best PIM, bar none, packed full of features and customization capabilities. The best there ever was and still is!!! Interesting term "gem" LOL

  4. last year
    Wed Sep 18 20:19:57 2019
    RandallG started the conversation Quote of the Day appears in Chinese.

    I have all my language settings configured to English in both Windows as well as in DoogiePIM, yet from time to time, my quote of the day on my DoogiePIM Hompage appears in Chinese.
    This is an example of todays (Is there a way to prevent this?):


  5. Thu Mar 7 16:33:10 2019
    RandallG started the conversation Backup Database Files & Archive Files.

    Today I performed a database backup followed by doing an Archive Files.
    Both completed with no errors. However, after they were both completed, DoogiePIM removed my connection to my database
    file and I had to tell it where it was again.
    Also, (even though I had previously deleted all the messages in my inbox) they were all back when I re-opened the database.

  6. Wed Feb 6 18:25:18 2019

    After checking my settings, I found that the Tabs setting was changed. So all I really needed to do was re-select, "Show Horizontal Tabs", under Settings | User Interface. The problem seemed like a bigger problem at first glance but, that pretty much returned my settings back to normal. Thanks for the quick reply.

  7. Wed Feb 6 17:28:03 2019

    Chris, Most of my doogie window interface settings were no longer working after this upgrade. My homepage was intact and the database but none of the border colors or margins or default window size was remembered. When I loaded doogiepim, it was very small and had no borders anymore. Like it ignored all the settings I had before. Did anyone else experience this with the upgrade to

  8. Sun Feb 3 22:34:23 2019

    Kris, Your example seems to lean heavily towards Project Management Software as opposed to PIM (Personal Information Management) software. Therefore, may I suggest this open source program for that type of task tracking? It is 100% compatible with Microsoft Project files as well. It also includes the ability to create Gantt charts and Pert Charts as well as RBS charts (Resource Breakdown Sources). If I'm wrong about my assumption, I apologize.

  9. Tue Jan 22 22:14:53 2019

    This has been somewhat eluded to before, but I'd just like to say that at some point, all the requested features and additions may very well require the developer to create two versions of DoogiePIM. A home Version, and Pro Version. It's one thing to ask for fixes on existing features but yet another to continue asking for more features and additions. I feel this trend is leaning heavily into making DoogiePIM a business version of Outlook on steroids (Which it nearly is already). I love how it works (as is) for home use now, already. Actually, I've loved it for many years without all the additions. Chris just keeps making it better and better. But at some point, there will need to be a trade off. He spends countless hours on adding features and has never complained one bit. If we want two versions......one being for home use and the other geared more to business, then lets encourage that and let Chris achieve more compensation for satisfying all the business user needs and help him become more successful as the developer. Of course the business version would and should be more expensive to coincide with the increased productivity features. This opinion is strictly mine and in no way has been encouraged or requested by the developers of DoogiePIM or of the company, Bitespire. Just my humble opinion.

  10. Sat Jan 5 05:26:57 2019

    Thank you Chris. I too look forward to the future for health, happiness, and a prosperous new year. Thanks for all the hard work you do to bring all the users of DoogiePIM a more comfortable and productive tool. Cheers!

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