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    Sat Jun 8 20:51:43 2019
    G Gankaku started the conversation Hello Everyone and Questions!.

    Hi! I'm an ancient original Texnotes user. and then TexNotes Pro user. I am kinda sick of Evernote not clipping my data (clip failed) so many times. I want to move everything out of there.

    I. I'm on the eval version. I tried importing my old TexNotes Pro documents. I have to say, a LOT of my documents were blank! I don't actually have the time to check them and copy and paste, one by one. There are so many. Some are simple handwritten notes by me (like, a recipe that is from my friend). I'd have no idea why this simple note wouldn't import. Is there a suggestion as to what I should do to ensure all are copied into doogiePIM? I could try again as is, but I'm afraid it would produce similar results. Maybe there's something I've missed.

    II. Another question I have is, I use Android a LOT (as I'm sure many do). There does not seem to be an Android app. How are other folks syncing or getting their data onto their PC database? I don't mind a bit of tinkering, but I don't want it difficult or cumbersome - there's not enough time to tinker with everything anymore and things need to be easy. Was just wondering how others do it.

    III. Also will there ever be a clipping tool? I find those extremely easy and convenient, rather than copying and pasting my stuff off the web.

    Other options I'm currently using that are similar to doogiePIM but just for documents, are Ema Personal Wiki and Joplin. Both have Android counterparts and sync. They are very simple but work. They're just for documents. I wouldn't mind just a document save to doogiePIM.

    I'd really love to come back to this package and control all my data. I had such fun with TexNotes.

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