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    Wed Dec 28 19:13:36 2016

    Cool deal. The PDF view feature is definitely cool. Thanks for the rapid improvements and fixes.

  2. Thu Aug 11 18:01:11 2016

    It appears that those values were not being written to the ini file for whatever reason. I did edit the file and manually added the DoNote info, and it seems to work flawlessly at the moment. However, my guess is there was something corrupted by the copy/unzip process, so the best course of action would be to start over clean.

  3. Wed Aug 10 17:57:23 2016

    interesting. From where does doogie pull that doNote homepage link? Is it a filename/path saved in the db? I can check that with a query to see whether it's being dropped or corrupted. Anything I can check from my end?

  4. Tue Aug 9 22:52:02 2016
    C critter started the conversation [Suggestion](s) IMAP, Encryption, Google calendar push.

    Here are my "would be really cool" suggestions off the bat after getting back into the swing using doogiePIM/Harm again.

    1. IMAP integration for those of us who need to connect into work accounts which use designated folder systems.
    2. Encryption plugin, e.g., for using/trading Gpg4win keys - yeah, not many of us need that, but for those of us who do that would utterly kick royal (and peasant) ass to have it integrated into doogie, and could be a great selling point.
    3. Google calendar push - to be able to "click" push specific events/todo's out to Android - personally, I don't care at all about a synch that pushes/pulls everything, but having a selective push out to the phone would pretty much rock if it's possible.
  5. Tue Aug 9 20:01:47 2016

    Using Portable version
    Win10 64 Pro
    Running doogiePIM x--x.87 (latest current as of today's date) from flash drive.

    Create new doNote using "- Create A New doNote -" link on Home page.
    Save note (normally use \DataFiles\DoNotes folder but also tried \doogiePIM and others)
    Hit Refresh -- new doNote appears in "Recent doNote Documents" on Home page.
    Hit Refresh (sometimes once, sometimes a few times) -- doNote disappears from Home page.

  6. Sat Aug 6 17:25:38 2016
    C critter posted in A Gift from Me to You.

    Very cool. Same here. Looking forward to the continued development, improvement, and support for this classic PIM. Glad to see the rise of this particular phoenix. Thanks for the upgrade.

  7. Sat Aug 6 17:20:36 2016
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