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  1. 2 years ago
    Fri Dec 7 11:15:18 2018

    Thank you for the update! :)

  2. 4 years ago
    Tue Mar 7 21:35:37 2017

    That's great, Thank you, I'm really getting used to these new additions ;)

  3. Fri Mar 3 20:29:30 2017

    Ah, I see, yes I just worked it out that I couldn't have 'messages' in both windows, fair enough. But in the second window I can't enable tabs or open a section, its just a web browser with no address in the address field so I have to copy and paste a section to have it open i.e 'doogiepim://documents'. Is that what's suppose to happen? Once I paste a section in it, its only then I can open another section from the section toolbar at the bottom. (Actually, being able to have a section open in both windows would be awesome, not that its very important, its just laziness on my part so I don't have to minimize another window to get to the one underneath for another section lol)
    I'm not really a fan of Chrome to be honest, but that's okay, I don't mind learning something new lol.
    Okay, so if I hide the address bar in the section, how do I get the web browser open easily since there's no shortcut?
    Oh, and the browser in the messages section, is the option to have tabs in it gone now?

  4. Fri Mar 3 19:42:11 2017
    D desiree101 started the conversation No Seperate Browser and Open in New Window option.

    Hello! I just installed the new update and I quite like the new features but I'm confused about the browser. Is the seperate browser gone and now integrated into the main program? I see the address field at the top, I assume that is now the browser? Hm, that is something I'm going to have to get used to, I suppose lol. It threw me somewhat! But what about the 'Open in new Window' part? is that just for the browser or for all sections? it says in the Changes that we 'can now have more than one section open at the same time', but this doesn't seem to be working for me. When I try it , it just opens up another 'web browser' home page.

  5. Sun Feb 19 00:15:32 2017

    Ooh, the new 1.1 version sounds great, I look forward to its release! :)

    Thank you for considering the Notes extras, I find them so useful. Yeah, the drawing features are quite redundant to me too, I've never used them lol.
    You say Notes bookmarks are sort of included already? How do I use them?

    I can't thank you enough for reviving doogiepim from DoOrg/Harmony! I cannot function and work without it now! If I think of anything that can be added to it, I'll be sure to let you know :) You already added a Google Calendar import which is awesome and I really wanted that :)

  6. Wed Feb 15 18:22:58 2017
    D desiree101 started the conversation Documents with more TexNotes formatting.

    I love the Documents section in doogiepim, but I find I now yearn for more of the fomatting that TexNotes had such as the being able to add/insert embeded notes and annotated notes. If they're there and I can't see them, can you tell me how to find them? lol
    I've tried going back to use my old version of Texnotes but its so old, its not really compatible with Windows 10 (I have to use it in compatibility mode Windows XP Service Pack 2 just so it doesn't crash when I try to add flags and icons!)
    I got tired of it and imported all my texnotes database into doogiepim Documents, it is more stable but I miss the extras that TexNotes had, such as the tabbed notes, embedded and annotated notes, note bookmarks, the different type of bullets etc.
    Can these be added to Documents? Or do you have any plans to update TexNotes itself? I found TexNotes and doOrganizer/Harmony complemented eachother very well and I can see the same for doogiepim. Also, as a rich text editor, it was miles better and more fun to use than MS Word :)

  7. Wed Feb 15 13:06:41 2017
    D desiree101 posted in New doogiePIM Help Documentation.

    This is very informative. Even as an old doorganizer and Harmony user, there is still many things I learn while using this great software :) Thank you.

  8. Wed Feb 15 12:57:42 2017
    D desiree101 posted in New Feature - Task Defaults.

    Excellent idea! :)

  9. Fri Jan 27 13:45:18 2017

    Thank you for the updates! :)

  10. Fri Dec 16 01:53:45 2016

    Thanks, it works great now! :)

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