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  1. 2 days ago
    Sat Feb 16 15:55:56 2019
    Chris posted in Vault section.

    I hope this helps...

  2. 3 days ago
    Fri Feb 15 16:19:11 2019

    For the benefit of others:

  3. Fri Feb 15 16:14:26 2019

    The Plain Text view I mean is here:

    This option displays the plain text part of the message, if any. I plan to add further text filters to this menu so it becomes a faster way to filter the message, thereby turning it into a more readable state.

    The message you get "View this in a browser" is actually written by the sender of the message and isn't part of doogiePIM. Some use this so they can show you a nicer layout for their "advert".

    You are correct in assuming all I wish on users is to be safer when browsing their email.

  4. Fri Feb 15 15:23:00 2019

    doogiePIM doesn't have the ability to download IMAP Folders (as yet). ;)

    This is a feature, to support IMAP properly with "always online" folders and messages in a future version.
    Keep watching this space :)

    On a second issue, it is better to use POP3 when using Unicode characters for the current version of doogiePIM (v2). The messages will decode better.

  5. 4 days ago
    Thu Feb 14 10:17:11 2019

    In addition to help support of this, I've gone ahead and signed up for the company you mentioned. I shall look further into their messages I receive. I'll use their messages as evidence to provide a better rendering of their email.

    The more I know, the more we grow.

  6. Thu Feb 14 10:04:30 2019

    Many thanks for the further observations and for the sample message.

    Be advised, the following is my opinion and doesn't reflect any attempt to force my vision or interpretation on to you or others.

    A great deal of the problem is to do with the complicated construction of the email message and the image source. It is important the images (jpg, bmp, png) are served from a valid secure source (https) and that the construction of the email doesn't include any tactics to hide content (hidden CSS etc). If it does then doogiePIM will tend not to render that content. You get this with some advertising type email messages.

    Also consider the number of remote images in the message. The sample you sent to me contained over 50 images from many different sources that were used in constructing a jigsaw of a single page. This may be acceptable for displaying on a public web page, albeit highly uneconomical, but not for an email message that is used for private communication. As doogiePIM is attempting to concentrate on securing your data and privacy I wouldn't like to let through an email message that lacks consideration for bandwidth, privacy and security.

    If you switch to plain text only, you should be able to understand the message without CSS styles and remote images.

    Finally, consider the effect of remote images. Upon downloading and showing an image in a message, you are telling someone else, (the server the image is stored on), you've opened the email message. Again, acceptable for public pages but not for personal correspondence.

    I appreciate doogiePIM has flaws and needs be enhanced further with better rendering of messages and my goal is to realise this as soon as I'm able to find ways of doing this without compromising our privacy.

    I'm very happy you've considered doogiePIM and hope you continue to use the features and sections sans Messages.

    Respectfully yours,

  7. last week
    Mon Feb 11 18:34:08 2019

    I've discovered when the browser has full keyboard focus, such as clicking on a Google page, the keyboard shortcuts are not registering properly. They work very well when in a section such as Tasks.

    I'll see what I can do to get this fixed/improved for the next update.

  8. Mon Feb 11 18:31:55 2019
    Chris posted in Shortcuts for browsing mode.

    It won't be possible to use Shift+Cursor as this combination is already used for multiple selection of records, text and other objects. However, there is already a keyboard shortcut [Ctrl+Tab] and [Shift+Ctrl+Tab] to navigate to the next/previous tab. You'll find this key combination quite standard in other browsers.

    Thanks for the [Del] and other shortcuts suggestion in the History.

  9. Sun Feb 10 12:31:32 2019
    Chris posted in Custom filter.

    I understand what you mean now. A custom filter for each of the list grids may be useful. I'll place this in the To Do list of development and I'll see what I can put together to realise your suggestion. Thanks.

    In the meantime, take advantage of using the Reports section should you want specific records listed. It's quite a powerful section, although it does look a little daunting to start with.


    Other Task filters can be found in the Home Page Customisation tab "Tasks" where specific tasks could be listed on the Home page.


    There is also a customisation filter in the Calendar "Tasks" tab that could be used for listing customised records.

    I hope this helps.

  10. Sun Feb 10 12:22:08 2019

    Si te quedas atascado haciendo algo, siempre pregunta. Alguien también tratará de ayudar si puede.

    If you get stuck doing something, always ask. Someone will also try to help if they can.

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