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  1. 4 hours ago
    Sat Dec 15 10:56:39 2018
    Chris posted in Autosave crash?.

    Please try and recreate it, if you can, then send the error report.
    It's usually a good idea to restart your doogiePIM when "Something unexpected happened". It's a sign that I didn't code something for an event that may be important.

    Have a great holiday and many thanks for the heads up. :)

  2. yesterday
    Fri Dec 14 08:22:38 2018
    Chris posted in Bug Encoding UTF-8.

    I'm still working on it.

  3. 2 days ago
    Thu Dec 13 10:53:03 2018
    Chris started the conversation Calendar Resource Background Colour.

    From version, I included some new visual options for controlling the display of the Calendar. In particular, the background colour of the events area.

    So, if you're wondering why your display isn't as colourful as it was before, then toggle the use of the Resource Calendar Colour, like so:

    To change the background colour of the Resource:

    You will probably want to check out the other useful options, such as "Group by..." as this is very useful in Month view when you have a great number of Resources displayed.

  4. 3 days ago
    Tue Dec 11 20:06:46 2018
    Chris posted in Bug Encoding UTF-8.

    It will take me a few days or two but I'm working on rewriting improving detection on the following encodings:

    Russian (KOI8-R); CodePage:20878; 'x-koi8-r';
    Russian (KOI8)'; CodePage:20866; 'koi8';
    Russian (ISO)'; CodePage:28595; 'iso-8859-5';
    Russian (Windows)'; CodePage:01251; 'windows-1251';

    This should help the display of said characters.

  5. Tue Dec 11 17:24:44 2018
    Chris posted in Bug Encoding UTF-8.

    FYI: it's charset=Windows-1251
    I'm working on fixing this today.

  6. Tue Dec 11 17:23:35 2018
    Chris posted in Bug Encoding UTF-8.

    Good catch. This gives me more evidence of the problem. Many thanks.

  7. 4 days ago
    Tue Dec 11 10:25:28 2018
    Chris posted in Bug Encoding UTF-8.

    Странная маленькая вещь, но я думаю, что вижу небольшую проблему. Я могу исправить это сегодня и дать патч позже.
    Видео действительно помогло обнаружить ошибку.
    Большое спасибо.

    An odd little thing but I think I see the minor problem. I can fix it today and upload a patch later.
    The video was really helpful in spotting the error.
    Many thanks.

  8. 6 days ago
    Sat Dec 8 19:03:51 2018
    Chris posted in Bug Encoding UTF-8.

    @Voldemar227 Удалось ли найти проблему?
    Did you find the problem?

    Проблема заключается в IMAP4 в сочетании с определенной кодировкой символов Unicode на почтовых серверах вашего типа. POP3 в порядке и работает хорошо. Я бы оставался с POP3, пока не перепишу некоторые подпрограммы IMAP4, чтобы приспособить этот тип архитектуры сервера.

    The problem is with the IMAP4 in combination with certain Unicode character encoding on your type of email servers. POP3 is fine and works well. I would stay with POP3 until I rewrite some of the IMAP4 routines to accommodate this type of server architecture.

  9. last week
    Thu Dec 6 16:27:18 2018
    Chris started the conversation doogiePIM version is now available.

    doogiePIM version is now available for download on the download page:

    You can read the full history of changes here:

  10. Wed Dec 5 18:30:30 2018

    Switch off, "Do Not Disturb". In the "Tools" menu or on the right hand side toolbar.


    PS: Which application do you use to make your arrows and markers?

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