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  1. 5 weeks ago
    Tue May 11 09:42:01 2021

    All is wonderful..... now ;)

    I've managed to acquire the final legal go ahead with certain paperwork and libraries included with doogie. Mainly from Google and Apple. Wow, the big boys take a long time to deal with. Now that is sorted out, I'm making final adjustments with some in-house alpha testing (sorry, no public beta release yet).

    The earliest legal date I may offer to the public is.....

    1st July 2021

    Therefore, pop that in your calendar. I may offer it privately to certain beta testers 2 or 3 weeks before that so if you're interested just drop me a DM with:

    1. Your PC configuration.
    2. Windows operating system version.
    3. Mobile operating system version (Android, iPhone, etc).
    4. Your willingness to tear it apart, crash it, pop it in the toaster, give it a thrashing, and send me lots of feedback.

    I will only accept "doogie Alpha" applications for individuals with an existing doogiePIM licence (any version).
    If you need a licence, head over to the Purchase page , (or the bottom of this page) to grab one for half price...

    Many thanks for all your feedback, ideas, suggestions, bug reports and most of all, your support and patience.

    To account for the difference in schedule, I'll be giving every licence bought after June 2020, extended support and maintenance updates for free until 1st July 2022 (instead of April 2022).

    I hope everyone is coping well in the new year of drugs. Keep your chin up and let's forge forward into a brighter future.


  2. Thu May 6 13:22:38 2021
    Chris posted in 2 Feature Suggestions.

    @Ryan I know it's a big task, but how likely is Exchange support in the near future?

    I will certainly investigate MS Exchange support for the future. If it looks possible then it will be implemented.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. 3 months ago
    Tue Mar 2 10:21:52 2021

    @SarahK I can't tell if it's for new users, existing, or both, but I'd feel so much better paying separately for support. I'd get more use out of DoogiePiM, too..

    The optional Support and Maintenance updates for the year is for the existing users of a doogiePIM 3+ licence.
    The initial price will be for brand new users. However, should any new users buy now before the release of version 3 they will get 50% off the price ( shameful plug ;) ) Scroll to the bottom of this page for details.

    For existing users of doogiePIM, of whom purchased a licence before June 2020, will be offered a larger discount. I'm thinking of 60%+
    Later this month, I'll send out an email to all the registered user with details on how to upgrade and what the new price schedules are for the coming years.

    Busy as a bee so if I miss any messages, please use the new Ticket system .

    @SarahK Thanks Chris, for all you do.

    You are most welcome. :)

  4. Tue Feb 16 10:04:29 2021

    That's a great find. Many thanks for spotting and reporting it.

    It was a quick fix and ready for the next update version 3.

    If you're feeling hardcore right now, you could pop over to the "Advanced (SQL)" tab on the Database Search window and enter the following (Replace somesearchtext with your own search term):

    Select Name, CreationDate, id From Folders 
    Where (FolderType=202) and (lower(Name) Like "%somesearchtext%")

    This will give you the same results but won't care about the character case.

  5. 4 months ago
    Fri Feb 5 16:28:29 2021

    @Ryan Incredibly good stuff!! The thing I think will be a game-changer for doogiePIM is having customized fields for Resources. This is the missing element for using doogiePIM for all important records, for example doctor's visits, project/meeting notes, project progress reports, seminar notes, call logs, knowledge base, etc. It's possible to "pigeonhole" these now, but they really need customized fields/attributes for maximum productivity.
    - Ryan

    I couldn't agree more :)

    @Ryan Just one question, is it possible to either have a new section for "Records", which would essential just be a clone of Resources but would avoid cluttering it with these other categories OR having another top folder level in Resources for "Records"?
    - Ryan

    If you go to the Resource section and create a new sub-folder under that titled "Records", one can organise accordingly.

    A new section may be overkill when the navigator could be customised with font size, colour and icon.
    Style the top "Resources" text with a smaller font and a grey colour, then style the sub-folders, eg: "Records", "Inventory", "Family members", "Stamp Collection", ... you get the idea :)

    If you want to be hard-core, one could always go into the language file and create a new definition of "Resource" and call it whatever you wish, eg: "Stuff". Any UI that shows that text will show its replacement. The languages option and feature is not just for English to another international language.

    Further details are here:

    Have fun with it and thanks for the great comments.

    - Chris.

  6. Sat Jan 30 16:46:03 2021
    Chris started the conversation New Pricing Schedule for doogiePIM.

    This article is open to feedback and quoted prices may change depending on that feedback.

    Starting with version 3 of doogiePIM, there will be some price changes. This is to accommodate some future products and gives you flexibility on how you can obtain licences for the software, as well as getting some good updates and support.

    From the launch the price structure of doogiePIM 3 will possibly be as follows:

    A user licence will be perpetual. This means it will never expire and will be a single payment (One-Time-Fee). You will get a licence key which will stay with you throughout. An annual subscription will be offered to access any new updates within that subscription period as well as access to personal technical help via email or the new ticket system help desk.

    The initial price will be £59.97. This includes;

    1. Any taxes and VAT so this price is the price you pay.
    2. One whole year of updates for any version of doogiePIM released in that period.
    3. One whole year of personal technical support via Email or Help Desk Tickets.
    4. Optional enrolment into the Beta Area to test out the new products when they come out of the Alpha stage.

    Each User Licence allows doogiePIM to be installed and used on a maximum of 10 devices for one person.

    doogiePIM User Licence Key (you keep the same key throughout all versions)

    One Year of Personal Technical Support

    One Year of Maintenance and New Updates for any version

    6 Months of Personal Technical Support

    6 months of Maintenance and New Updates for any version

    Let me know what you think.
    - Chris

  7. Sat Jan 30 14:26:11 2021
    Chris started the conversation New Features of doogiePIM version 3.

    Version 3 is very near to a public release. Here's what new features you would expect to see after the end of March/April 2021. 1st July 2021.

    The version number of doogiePIM will be 3.0.0.

    User Interface

    The user interface has been improved and the layout will be slightly different. Most noted difference is the top right corner of the window has a global set of icons:

    1. Add New Tab,
    2. Bookmarks access to change the current tab,
    3. Bookmark Add/Edit of current tab,
    4. Current Page options (print, etc),
    5. Current Page Search (even in Sections),
    6. Quick Access Tools (check messages, calculator, etc)

    Address Bar

    The Address Bar (where you enter a URL) will now only contain:

    1. Back
    2. Forward
    3. Refresh
    4. URL of current page or selected record / Global search of records or URLs

    The Address Bar will resize itself next to the horizontal tabs if you elect to position to the "Window Top".
    The bar will also display the current record's internal URL for easier bookmarking rather than just the section URL.
    When using the address bar for searching, if you're on a web page, your bookmarks will be searched first. However, if you're on a section tab, eg: Contacts, the address bar search will show your list of matching Contacts first.

    Other main changes is the Status Text when you hover over a link on a page. This will move out of the way to stop clashing with your cursor and shows when you hover over tabs as well as hyperlinks. More information is given on the text display, if available.

    Icons are being redesigned gradually to account for higher resolution displays. 16x16 these days isn't a good size. Therefore, a new icon engine is in place to dynamically size the icons with little to no loss in quality. This is an ongoing effort so not all the icons will be immediately changed.

    Related Links

    This listing of links has now moved from the preview area to the vertical tabs panel that also shows the Downloads, URL History and other future global lists.

    Record Preview Panel

    The new Preview panel is now switchable between Horizontal and Vertical. This makes editing of the record's Comments far easier as the readability is more natural. There is a choice to displaying the record details above or below the comments, or as a small tab behind the comments.

    For each of the Sections, the bottom bar on the right side, there are new icons to quickly flip arrangement of the various panels.

    You will notice many little enhancements to the User Interface as you use doogiePIM, such as an animated icon next to the Messages tab when checking for new messages. I hope you like the little touches, however, I'm open to any feedback.


    Repeatable/Recurring Tasks

    Tasks can now be set to recurring in the same way as Calendar Events.
    When a Repeating Task is marked as Done, that task will be closed and a new Task will be automatically added, if it meets the conditions of the recurring parameters.

    Task Order

    Tasks can now be re-ordered to any position by way of the same control of the folders. You have an option to sort on a particular column but that doesn't always work for certain Tasks that need to be followed in a particular order.

    Sync with Cloud Services

    You are able to Import or Export to various services but there is no constant connection with any external cloud. This is by design and supports the ethos of doogiePIM. However, background services in doogiePIM has been set up to accommodate local syncing between multiple PCs or PCs and a SmartPhone (Android or iOS) over a LAN (Local Area Network) using your router. This area will be in constant development to improve sync between your devices quickly without using any Cloud features.

    Mac OS

    Work on doogiePIM has been done to assist the smoother running doogiePIM in a virtual session within OSX/11+. Current testing under VM software Parallels Intel/M1 has been very successful and is currently a daily driver for one of us ;)


    There is better display of controls for desktops up to 500% scaling.


    1. Rendering of Email messages are far more accurate than in version 2. Obviously the more feedback I get, the better this area can improve.
    2. Zoom controls have been implemented to allow zooming in and out of the message preview.

    Navigator Folders

    An important change is the addition of a Deleted Items in all of the navigator folders. This is to catch deleted Documents, Contacts etc so you can restore them if you've accidentally hit Delete. This works in the same way as the Messages, you can purge the deleted items when you choose.


    Each Resource item can have its own set of custom fields. These are implemented in a similar way to Contacts and will give greater flexibility to how you wish to define a Resource.

    Many more features are in the pipeline and will be rolled out each month. Work is currently being made on an auto-update feature so your browser engine, security updates and bug fixes will update as and when needed, instead of having you to install a new version each time.

    doogie is my passion and I'm honoured you've chosen to be a part of this journey.

    - Chris

  8. Thu Jan 14 18:21:51 2021
    1. Head over to "Settings".
    2. Go to "Document Editors"
    3. In the group "Default Layout and Font", click on "Edit Document Template"
    4. Edit the font style, background colour to your desired defaults.
    5. Hit "Save".
    6. Hit "OK"


  9. 5 months ago
    Tue Dec 15 07:00:45 2020

    Nice catch, thanks.

    Added to the fix list of version

  10. 6 months ago
    Mon Dec 14 05:36:33 2020
    Chris posted in Spelling options window.

    I'll get the hamsters working hard on that one :)

    Thanks for the report.


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