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    Thu Jan 14 18:21:51 2021
    1. Head over to "Settings".
    2. Go to "Document Editors"
    3. In the group "Default Layout and Font", click on "Edit Document Template"
    4. Edit the font style, background colour to your desired defaults.
    5. Hit "Save".
    6. Hit "OK"


  2. 5 weeks ago
    Tue Dec 15 07:00:45 2020

    Nice catch, thanks.

    Added to the fix list of version

  3. Mon Dec 14 05:36:33 2020
    Chris posted in Spelling options window.

    I'll get the hamsters working hard on that one :)

    Thanks for the report.


  4. 6 weeks ago
    Wed Dec 9 08:10:35 2020

    I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that, either. I wouldn't like it done on my forum so I can only assume other developers wouldn't like it on theirs.

    I prefer to have users with whom have a genuine need to use doogiePIM and not be brought over by in-your-face-ads, broken promises or acts of poaching. But that's the way I want BiteSpire to run.... fairly

  5. Mon Dec 7 10:15:36 2020
    Chris posted in Opening .midi files.

    I will make some improvements in this area so document hyperlinks favour the Windows system instead.

    Many thanks for the great feedback.

  6. Mon Dec 7 10:13:43 2020
    Chris posted in Opening .midi files.

    Oh! I see now.

    Instead of Open/View from the Related Links, you need to choose "Launch in Windows" from the right-click menu.

  7. Mon Dec 7 08:45:47 2020
    Chris posted in Opening .midi files.

    You need to look at how your Windows system is opening file extension types for different files. doogiePIM simply gives control of opening files to the Windows system, then Windows checks which application is has to open that file type.

    Further information can be found here:

  8. Mon Dec 7 08:42:33 2020

    Nice idea. Something is already implemented in v3 to avoid accidental deletion but a lock could be another.

  9. Mon Dec 7 08:41:02 2020
    Chris posted in Different Signatures.

    There is no automatic switch for Email account signatures depending on the account used.

    The easiest method is to use the Drafts/Templates feature. On the right side of the Email Message window is a hidden panel that can be exposed using the icon.

    You can also manage and edit the draft templates using the Messages folder/navigator tree.

    Just compose a new message template for each account then insert which template you want to use when make replies.

    To save the template, just use the "Save To Drafts/Templates" command in the edit window.


  10. Mon Dec 7 08:27:49 2020
    Chris posted in Problem Importing VCF Files.

    Thanks for the bug report. Contact VCF accumulation of information will be fixed for the next update.

    The name "Doe / John" is very odd. doogiePIM doesn't add any "/" to the FileAs field, so try opening the VCF in Notepad and look at that field.

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