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    Thu Jul 25 18:17:46 2019
    Voltaire started the conversation PDF Page Bookmarks.

    When viewing a .pdf inside doogiePIM and right clicking, if you select 'Bookmark this Page' all I seem to be able to do is create a bookmark for the pdf. Should this create a bookmark for the actual page or am I missing something. I can add the page number myself using the parameter '#page = pagenum' to the end of the file name, but could or should doogiePIM do this?


  2. Wed Jul 24 09:24:56 2019
    Voltaire posted in Document Hyperlinks.

    It's all types of links, https type links, internal links such as; texnotes://id.190, and local file links. The links already in the document don't show in the tools area. I've tried changing documents and creating new ones and also changing the colour of the links incase I had grey on grey or something daft.

    Version of dP and WIN10 by the way.

  3. Tue Jul 23 21:42:08 2019
    Voltaire started the conversation Document Hyperlinks.

    When I have hyperlinks in a document they don't show up in the right hand side tools area. I've tried the 'Refresh Hyperlinks' button and still the same. The hyperlinks work great inside the document but clicking on the 'Hyperlinks' tab of the tools window I don't see them.

    Also if I switch on 'Auto mark any URLs and Email addreses' in the 'Document Editors' of 'Settings and Preserences' URLs aren't recognized automatically.

  4. Tue Jul 23 09:33:19 2019

    You're right, there's no way you should step outside the law. For the little I looked at it, H.264 licencing seems costly and confusing. This is not a big problem at all and should as you say in due course be resolved.
    Thanks for the reply.

  5. Mon Jul 22 23:15:15 2019
    Voltaire started the conversation Internal Browser Video Resolutions.

    Noticed that when playing certain YouTube videos the built in browser will only display them in 360p. They will play at higher resolutions in Chrome. YouTube has a page about the problem and says "some browsers do not support newer video formats or quality options. This means these browsers may only have one or two video formats to choose from."

    Is this a restriction of the built in browser? Is there any fix or update possible in the future? I could of course set the URL to play in the external browser but this internal one is very handy to have and use.

  6. Mon Jul 22 09:17:36 2019
    Voltaire posted in Unable to add a Calendar event.

    Yes you're absolutely correct. Apologies over taking up your time. I was a bit daft there.

    Will now take some time to properly read through the help screens.

  7. Sun Jul 21 17:09:54 2019
    Voltaire started the conversation Unable to add a Calendar event.

    I can't add a Calendar event. It seems although I have a number of items in the Resources section when I try to add a calendar event the Resources drop down is unpopulated it just displays 'Cancel'.
    I've also tried right clicking on the calendar and selecting 'Add a new Resource', then added a resource but this resource still does not show in the event dropdown, (but it does show in the Resources section). I then tried deleting all my resources and just leaving a default one and this still didn't show in the Calendar event resources drop down.

    The strange thing is when I first purchased the program I could add calendar events and the 'Default' resource showed in the event dropdown. These old Calendar events when I double click on them show no resource against them and DP complains 'You must choose a Calendar Resource.....'

    I haven't changed the 'Resources Folders Naming Format' and can't find any forum topics on this problem.
    Sorry if I seem to be continually coming up with problems but I'd really like to use this PIM in my research work but it has to be pretty bullet proof.

    Edit: If I create a new database then the resources do show correctly in the Calendar event dropdown, so somehow in the previous database the interplay between Calendar events and Resources has become disconnected. Is there any idea what went wrong? Is there a way to fix it? I tend sometimes just to shutdown Windows without shutting down DP, could this have caused it? I've tried the 'Repair Database...' and 'Compact Database...' options but still the same.

  8. Sat Jul 20 23:07:17 2019

    It's the ones in the main toolbar just above the document and just above the font selection box.

    After closing DP and opening up again I've noticed something very strange about these spelling and thesaurus buttons. When in a document or journal these buttons would work incorrectly as stated in my previous post. Now however whatever word I highlight the spelling tool displays the word 'phys' in the 'Not Found' box and the thesaurus displays the same word 'phys' in the 'Looked Up:' box - very weird.
    Again if I use the right mouse button pop up box and select spelling or thesaurus it works correctly.

  9. Sat Jul 20 18:16:47 2019

    When you're in the Documents section or the Journals section the thesaurus and spelling check buttons do not work. The spelling check button returns 'The spelling check is complete' 'Words checked 0' and the thesaurus button if you highlight a word, does not do anything. If you right click in your entered text and select the spelling and thesaurus functions these work correctly.

  10. Sat Jul 20 15:54:51 2019
    Voltaire started the conversation DoNote Save Inconsistency.

    As a new user I'm really enjoying using DP but finding a few things which I hope will help DP even better.

    The DoNote word pad feature is a neat tool for creating non-encrypted notes. Though I've found an inconsistency with other document apps like Word and WordPad.

    If you create a DoNote document and type out your text and then click the top right corner X to close the DoNote, the app will prompt you to save it. If you select 'Save' and then when the explorer window appears you select 'Cancel' the app should return you to your DoNote but it doesn't, it closes the DoNote and you lose your work. This is not consistent with other text applications. I know this isn't the normal way you'd close a DoNote window but us users aren't always normal :)

    Hope my explanation isn't confusing.

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