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    Fri Aug 12 13:11:54 2016

    PS re DRIVE LETTER allocation

    Since USB drives receive DYNAMIC DRIVE LETTERs (depending on what else is plugged in at that time, which USB port is used etc.), you might want to consider to give your doogiePIM-Flash Drive a FIXED drive letter, to make sure it's called the same, every time you plug it in, REGARDLESS of what else interferes with the machine (the letter you select, will be RESERVED for THAT flash drive, until you change the allocation again - it does NOT matter, which letter you select, as long as it's not already in use - call it drive "X",. if you like).

    Have a look at this tutorial:


    Hope this helps!

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  2. Fri Aug 12 12:54:21 2016

    Hi critter,

    keep in mind, that those 'ini' file entries are DYNAMIC, meaning, they 'jump' not only in their position on the doogiePIM 'Home Page', but also within the >> doogiePIMSettings.ini <<, depending upon which file/ db was used last etc. doogiePIMSettings.ini is always 'in flux', hence be careful with any editing, and make sure you've got a WORKING BACKUP of it, before any 'tinkering'!!

    The files mentioned, once on lines 1132 and 2347 (see my post above), are now located on lines 1138 ('mruDoNotes0') and 2352 ('mruDatabases1') 'mru' stands for "most recently used', I guess.

    If you run your db from a flash drive, there should be considerations re Drive Allocation LETTER - it could easily be, that that USB drive is at some point "Drive E" and "Drive F" some other time, which would of course be an explanation, why doogiePIM could not locate them - maybe keep an eye on that!

    I will keep both, the 'critter' db and 'critter DoNote (both are empty, except for "critter TEST ONLY" - it's the only 'critter' on my laptop, and thus makes global search easy), and occasionally play with them, just to keep an eye on their 'being there'. If I notice anything other than expected with those files/ links to them, I will post that observation here.
    Hope this helps.
    Best wishes,

  3. Wed Aug 10 23:42:23 2016

    (PORTABLE version on Win7 Pro 64bit)

    I've TRIED to replicate this, but the link to the created note remains visible (and active and functioning properly) throughout countless Refresh cycles and switching between DIFFERENT databases, and after fully closing and re-opening (any) doogiePIM database.

    I created a new "critter-TEST-db-01" database, and as instructed, from the Homepage, a "critter-TEST-doNote-01". BOTH are located in "..\Data Files" on my HDD, and BOTH were successfully written to 'doogiePIMSettings.ini' (line 1132 and 2347) - then I switched between 3 different databases, did several "refresh" during each session (per [F5] and also clicking "Refresh" on the context menu - the ONLY thing that changed was the "Quote of the day") and also closed doogiePIM completely. The link to "critter-TEST-doNote-01" was ALWAYS visible within "recent doNote Documents", and despite more refresh than I cared to count, I could NOT replicate a "missing link", hence I think the problem might be LOCAL to critter's computer.
    I hope this helps.

  4. Wed Aug 10 23:00:40 2016
    G George S posted in doogiePIM Guides: Getting Started.

    Hi Chris,
    thanks for the lovely tutorial - nicely done, and I hope you'll continue to do more, because there is always something new one can learn.

    My only suggestion for this: please move closer to the microphone or boost it's setting - even at 100% output your (nice) soft voice is VERY quiet, and I've got to crawl into the speaker to understand what you are saying.
    Please remember, there are people who have problems with their eyes and ears - I'm one of them.

    Thanks for reviving "do-Organizer" - very much appreciated!

    Best wishes,

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