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  1. last year
    Wed Jan 5 12:52:52 2022
    doogieUser posted in Competitive discounts.

    Strange logic, before that, you pay other authors - not the author of doogiePIM.
    If you used the demo version and reported some minor bugs (maybe even critical for you), then perhaps you would deserve a discount.

  2. Fri Dec 31 07:08:09 2021
    doogieUser posted in Portable installation.



  3. Mon Aug 16 14:52:21 2021

    This is very annoying, I logged in, switched to another tab, after a while I check it, and I was logged out again ...

  4. Mon Aug 16 13:51:09 2021


  5. Thu Aug 5 16:30:03 2021
    doogieUser posted in To show an image on this forum.

    @Georgios Asimakos -image-

    Better using with dimming.

  6. Thu Aug 5 16:25:44 2021

    It looks like it's a session cookie that gets recreated for some reason.

  7. Wed Aug 4 13:31:30 2021
    doogieUser posted in I miss the Icon Library.

    Yes, vectors are good.

  8. Tue Aug 3 17:43:50 2021

    02 Sep 2021 but it’s something else, I’ll watching

  9. Tue Aug 3 17:09:05 2021

    Has not changed.
    "Keep me logged in" - not work.

  10. Tue Aug 3 01:42:16 2021
    doogieUser started the conversation Very huge tabs.

    Need ability to auto-adjust the size of tabs, they are very huge.


    As a minimum, customizable limit on the maximum size.

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