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    Sun Jan 19 08:59:34 2020

    Will have to use emacs, with its org-mode, browsers and other...

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    Sat Jan 11 04:42:20 2020
    doogieUser started the conversation Standard image file vs Third-party database.

    One file is convenient to transfer, but this does not cover the risks of possible loss of information or bugs with your software or format.
    Regular files in a reliable file system are much safer.

    As a database option, can be consider mounting an image with a file system, which is also convenient to transfer.
    Additional data and indexes can be stored in an auxiliary file.

    But, of course, your own database format is a good way to retain customers.

  3. Sat Jan 11 03:42:08 2020
    doogieUser started the conversation Auto Update does not work.


  4. Sat Jan 11 03:25:48 2020
    doogieUser started the conversation Documents position are not saved.

    After closing base/doogiePIM, the position of the document files in the navigation tree in the document tab is not saved.
    This began to appear after the accidental installation of one file by a child of another folder or file.

    Very annoying trouble...

  5. Sat Jan 11 00:54:47 2020
    doogieUser posted in Security and advanced settings.

    Without the normal blocking/removing of advertising and the deletion of site data, this is quite inconvenient and unsafe.

  6. Fri Jan 10 20:26:48 2020

    This is important for security, which, as I understand, is being tried to respect here.

    How can i block third-party cookie as a normal browser?
    How can I create a whitelist of sites and automatically delete cookies, localstorage, IndexedDB other sites after closing its tab?

  7. Wed Jan 8 08:25:28 2020
    doogieUser posted in Setting default font color.

    Home tab.

  8. Wed Jan 8 04:17:35 2020
    doogieUser posted in Setting default font color.

    @BiteSpire The font colour is dynamically changed to match an opposite colour based on the intensity of the current theme colour.

    In some places this does not work:

  9. Tue Jan 7 10:40:07 2020

    Even that would be helpful.

  10. Tue Jan 7 10:06:42 2020
    doogieUser posted in Setting default font color.

    I can't set default text color in schemes:

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