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    Wed Oct 31 03:23:35 2018

    Yet another document has disappeared! it was present when I closed the database earlier this evening. I worked in my other DoogiePIM database for about five hours, closed it and opened the previous database. The document was gone. I imported the .DON version of that document which I had created as a backup. Shuttling .DON documents back and forth is not a promising future.

  2. Tue Oct 30 14:57:40 2018

    Thank you for the reply and suggestions. I create backups of single documents on an irregular basis. I save them as RTF files on a different disk. The format is more versatile than the DON format as I can open the documents in a word processor such as Microsoft Word. Saving single documents in DON format would be a good way to have a readily available backup should this happen again. I also back up the entire databases at least once a week, sometimes as often as three times. Clearly, this could be done daily using the backup feature built into the PIM.

    I understand that you have had great success with the Avast AV product. Why do you propose the dismissal of the Norton AV product? Are you suggesting that it may be responsible for the incessant "DoogiePIM is not responding" messages that I experience?

    I appreciate that having a backup available would allow recovery of an unexplained document disappearance as I described above. I am still puzzled by the sudden disappearance of these documents. as there is no explanation for this behavior as of yet. I assure you that I did not delete the documents after keying in the Ctrl+A sequence.

    I will continue to monitor the performance of the PIM and inform you of changes.

  3. Fri Oct 26 04:06:29 2018

    Thanks for the prompt replies. I use a Lenovo ThinkPad T460 purchased in August 2016. It runs Windows 10 Home edition, version 1803 installed on June 6, 2018. I purchased DoogiePIM on September 20, 2016. It is installed on the hard drive in the directory chosen by DoogiePIM during installation. I did not transfer any .DO3 file to DoogiePIM. I have been using the program extensively since then. I have kept up with the program upgrades in a timely fashion, never skipping one.

    I created two databases shortly after the purchase of the application. I will refer to them as home (presently 12.0 MB in size) and media (5.7 MB). I want to point out their respective companion .doosi files because I do not know their function. Moreover, I am surprised by the size of media.doosi (23.8 MB) as compared to the media.doo file size cited above and the home.doosi file size (a mere 8.9 MB).

    Two of the now-blank documents are present in the most recent backup files (October and September) One was created in March 2018 and the other some time earlier. A third now-blank document is absent from recent backups though it was present in the database as recently as last weekend!

    By the way, I have relied exclusively on the auto-save feature for the documents and the journal entries. I have never used the Ctrl+S command to initiate a manual save. Finally, I subscribe to Norton Internet 360 which installs anti-virus definitions and other features automatically.

    I trust this will give you leads in your elucidation of the problem.

  4. Thu Oct 25 05:40:45 2018
    L lmorel posted in Formatting Inconsistencies.

    With version 2.x I have noticed that the page layout for any given document can change from one session to the next. Selecting a layout such as A4 or Letter, for example, is no guarantee that the document will retain that selection the next time the document is open. The "Custom" layout is the most frequently "selected" layout when a document is opened. In this case the document is displayed as small rectangles until I change it to the one that I want (Letter).
    I have not found a pattern in the behavior of DoogiePIM. It appears that all documents are subject to the ever changing layout. This does not happen with every document in every session but it does happen to at least one document in any given session. The layout of a given document may remain the same for several sessions but, unexpectedly and inexplicably, it changes to another layout.
    Do you have an explanation for this behavior? We expect the layout setting to "stick" from one session to the next. Why isn't it?

  5. Thu Oct 25 05:19:49 2018
    L lmorel posted in "DoogiePIM not responding".

    The advent of version 2.x has brought the appearance of the message "Doogie PIM not responding" at a strikingly high frequency. No session goes by without having to contend with the lack of response. The PIM "freezes". The wait for the PIM to be responsive again varies from 20 seconds to more than two minutes. The lack of responsiveness occurs equally in the two databases that I have created. No clue as to what triggers this behavior.

    The PIM workspace becomes bright white when I click in the text or use the spacebar and the screen freezes. I can switch to other programs that are open at the time and continue work in them. The computer does not freeze: DoogiePIM does. The message "DoogiePIM not responding" appears only when I click again onto the "frozen" document. The window offers two possible actions: close the program or wait until DoogiePIM responds. I always choose the latter because I don't want to lose the data that I just entered and may not have been saved yet.

    Are other users experiencing this? What is the cause? I have stopped using DoogiePIM at present because I am experiencing three problems simultaneously as reported elsewhere in this blog. hoping for solutions soon.

  6. Thu Oct 25 04:56:47 2018

    I have created two DoogiePIM databases (I have upgraded regularly from version 1.x to the current version 2.x). I use one or both databases on a daily basis. I have been experiencing three problems with the software in increasing frequency. One of the problems arose this week for the first time. Two documents in one database and another in the other database are no longer present. The document titles are still present in the navigation pane. The corresponding pages are blank! These were large documents, many pages long, that represented quite a bit of work.

    Unlike the other posts reported here, the disappearance of these documents did not follow a computer crash or an unusual shutdown of the program or the computer. I became aware of the absence of the contents of the documents upon opening the program. Three times in less than one week. This is alarming.

    Is it just a matter of time before documents in the Journal section get wiped out as well? I am suspending use of DoogiePIM for the time being. I will report the other two problems elsewhere. I suspect that other users are experiencing them as well.

  7. 4 years ago
    Sun Feb 5 20:19:47 2017

    I have installed each new version of DoogiePIM within a week of its release. I installed version 1.0.7 on January 26, 2017. Today (February 5, 2017) I encountered a behaviour I have not observed yet. In sharp contrast to the behaviour that RandallG reported last November, I observed the following: Attempting to use the keyboard shortcuts F8, Ctrl+F8, and Shift+Ctrl+F8 results in opening the Windows 10 (Anniversary Edition) Action Center, selecting all the text in the open document or journal as the Windows command Ctrl-A does, and no response, respectively.

    Each of these commands is supposed to insert some combination of date and time as RandallG pointed out above. Each command works from the Insert menu in the Journal section but none works in the Documents section. I verified that these key combinations are not used by Windows 10 (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12445/windows-keyboard-shortcuts ).

    I am puzzled by this turn of events. The shortcut keys always worked for me in the past.

  8. Thu Nov 10 16:59:47 2016
    L lmorel started the conversation Browser URL Default Scheme.

    I have been using DoogiePIM for about two months. The browser displays a page of results prepared by DuckDuckGo no matter what URL I enter in the browser's address field. It never goes to the URL requested but DuckDuckGo usually lists the requested URL first. I have not found any setting that will prevent the redirection to the search engine. Do other users experience this? What is the solution to avoid the redirection?

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    Fri Sep 16 04:56:17 2016
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