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    Sat Mar 17 12:48:00 2018
    J-Hinckley posted in Tasks with recurrence.

    My previous post does say why I would rather see them as separate functions.

  2. Sat Mar 17 12:05:49 2018
    J-Hinckley posted in Tasks with recurrence.

    I'm sorry to appear argumentative on this Sarah.

    A task is a single item to be done, usually with no specific time or date, but it is something you may want repeating. You need a list of tasks in a "Task List", not filling up your calendar where your timed events appear.

    An event is a time and dated appointment, with a duration. You want these to show in your calendar so you can see how your day is mapped out, and check for any events which may conflict.

    They are two separate things and all other PIMs I am reviewing treat them separately.


  3. Sat Mar 17 12:00:23 2018
    J-Hinckley posted in [v3] Killer Features.

    Thank you Sarah for your comments.

    It would be a pity to make it more specific so it only suits a few

    This is not my intention at all.
    I thought the purpose of a Community Forum was a place to share ideas and to help develop the product.
    I always try to keep any suggestions and ideas generic and things which would suit everyone.

    Whilst I do not deny these features would benefit me, I also feel sure they would benefit everyone.


  4. Sat Mar 17 11:55:30 2018
    J-Hinckley posted in Check for updates.

    Thanks Chris.

    It does indeed work..

  5. Sat Mar 17 08:52:19 2018
    J-Hinckley started the conversation Check for updates.

    The "Check for updates" option on the Help menu of version produces "a connection cannot be established" error.


  6. Sat Mar 17 08:43:06 2018
    J-Hinckley posted in [v3] Killer Features.

    Hi everyone,

    As development is driven by requests from users, and new versions get planned well ahead, I thought it might be worth starting a new thread for a list of "Killer Features" which would turn a good PIM into a market leading PIM.

    I would like to see the following appear in a future version:-

    History / Communications - a log of interactions with a contact (visit, appointment, call, letter, email, conference call etc.)
    Recurring Tasks
    Email Alerts - allow an automated reminder of an event or task to be sent to an email address
    More colourful themes - the default one is grey and bland (sorry Chris, but it is. It needs some colour). Colourful 3D icons for the modules, a little colour on the header etc.
    A more configurable home page - column selectors, option to select events beyond the next 21 days
    A new module to capture Medical information - this would allow you to log any medical info against members of your family (blood pressure, medical procedures, vaccination records, Doctor/Dentist visits etc.)
    Integration to Google Mail and Google Calendars

    ...there may be more


  7. Sat Mar 17 08:33:35 2018
    J-Hinckley posted in Tasks with recurrence.

    Hi Chris,

    I would also like to request recurring tasks (I feel sure I asked the same when I reviewed v1 back in September 2016??)

    I have recurring tasks such as "Test smoke detectors" and set to recur on the first Saturday of each month.

    Now that's a task, not an event.

    An event is an appointment, a place to be, and I agree they too need to be able to recur.

    For now, I use a dedicated task manager (not sure if I am allowed to state which on here?), and this does allow recurring tasks, along with email alerts so you get the reminder on your mobile.

    I'm not a developer, but would the code not be the same as for events and therefore easier to implement?


  8. Sat Mar 17 08:21:55 2018
    J-Hinckley posted in Home Page Questions.

    In addition to Metta's request for selectable font sizes, could the columns also auto-wrap.
    For example, I only want 2 columns. 1 for upcoming events, and the other for tasks. However, I can fit 4 columns on my screen, so could the events fill column 1, then wrap onto column 2, so now I have 2 columns of events, and 2 for tasks?


  9. Sat Mar 17 08:19:10 2018
    J-Hinckley posted in Reviewing v2.

    Hi Metta

    Thanks for your reply. Your idea would work but I still see it as a workaround to a missing feature.

    I would still like to see either a dedicated module for all communications and interactions, or alternatively if Chris could add a new tabbed area on each contact record and the records be added against the contact.

    I would like to see an efficient way to see a list of calls for example. Let's say you have your utility company as one of your contacts and you need to call them to change tariff, query a bill etc. I want to see a history of those calls. Against my Doctor, I want to see when I called, when I've visited for a consultation, or for treatment and I need to capture the same types of data which would be on a drop down (which an associated managed area within Admin to manage these of course).

    Whilst the Documents could be created a linked as you suggest, its still not a dedicated history which I could see in a list, or produce a report for.

    The idea is great, but I'd like to convince Chris we need the functionality in doogiePIM.


  10. Fri Mar 16 09:01:23 2018
    J-Hinckley posted in Database size.

    Thanks Chris

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