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    Sun Aug 13 19:24:51 2017

    That is exactly what I needed.

    Thank you very, very much.

  2. Sat Aug 12 20:24:34 2017

    Thank you for the information. That helped.

    The reason I have to go back to Mar 2007 is because I cannot
    view the entries until I move the calendar at the top back to
    that month.

    Is there a work around that I don't know about?

    The first image is the Journal on the August 2017 calendar.
    No entries are available for viewing on Mar 2007.
    The second image is the Journal on the March 2007 calendar.
    The entries are available for viewing.




  3. Fri Aug 11 23:09:24 2017


    How would I navigate to Mar 2007?
    Would I have to click the left scroll arrow 120 times or
    is there an easier way?


  4. Mon Jun 26 23:23:54 2017
    K keiffer started the conversation Home tab calendar.

    I have the calendar set to have Sunday as the first day of the week.
    Works fine.
    When I go to the Home tab the calendar there has Monday as the
    first day of the week.
    I keep looking for the setting to also change that calendar to
    Sunday as the first day but I'm just not finding it.
    Any help would be appreciated.


  5. 3 years ago
    Tue Oct 25 17:26:36 2016
    K keiffer posted in Comments not being saved.

    Ooops, sorry.
    I didn't see the "Save" pop up.
    This is the curse of the wide screen monitor.
    It was at least 15" away from the text.
    Now that I know it's there, I'll be fine.

    Thank you.

  6. Tue Oct 25 16:07:27 2016
    K keiffer started the conversation Comments not being saved.
    1. go to Tasks.
    2. click Add a New Task.
    3. enter a Subject name.
    4. click Save.
    5. select the Task from the list.
    6. enter text in to the Comment area
    7. click either Close Current Database or Shutdown doogiePIM.
    8. reopen the database.
    9. go to the Task and the comments aren't there.

    When does doogiePIM do a save?
    There isn't one when the database is closed?
    Is there an autosave?

    An information would be helpful.

  7. Tue Oct 25 15:51:42 2016
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