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    Sun Nov 13 00:42:35 2016
    S shdytxmn started the conversation IMAP.

    I noticed in earlier posts that IMAP was only basically implemented. Trying to connect to Gmail using IMAP and cannot. Curious as to the status?

  2. Sat Nov 12 02:08:31 2016
    S shdytxmn posted in Really want to make this work.

    Yes, I can receive one or multiple emails by using the command. This is true with the computer I am now using, a Win10 machine or the one at work, a Win7 machine.

    Alert message already set to only show if there is an error. No errors reported.

  3. Fri Nov 11 00:41:13 2016
    S shdytxmn started the conversation Really want to make this work.

    I really like the feel of doogiePIM and was almost willing to purchase it in spite of it not periodically looking for new messages (hasn't yet). I was even willing to overlook the fact that clicking on a message may result in the subject being deleted - hoping this will be fixed soon. Even willing to purchase in spite of some other issues but I can't use it if I can't read messages with images. My settings are to the not recommended allow all images. I even click on "show this message images" and yes, I usually do get the images but I also get paragraphs that, instead of going from side to side, are only 1-3 letters wide. Can someone help me resolve this?

  4. Fri Nov 11 00:29:14 2016
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