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    Wed Aug 11 08:33:01 2021
    J Javier started the conversation V3: Vault issues.

    I'm having some issues with the Vault in version 3.
    I've got about 550 passwords, and 4 folders, 2 of which are currently empty.
    Now, when I click on one of the folders, all the passwords are listed. But if I then click on the "all" folder, containing all the passwords, the program behaves erratically: only a few of the passwords are listed, definitely not the full list. Even the alphabetical list which appears below is cut in half.
    There is a work around: I leave the vault, come back again, enter the vault's password again, and then the full list appears.

  2. Wed Aug 11 06:33:00 2021

    Alright, thanks Chris!

  3. Wed Aug 11 06:31:45 2021
    J Javier posted in Calendar question.


    I probably didn't explain that very well!
    When I used to point at a cell with the mouse pointer and then click on it, Doogie displayed a little vertical bar which remained on that cell regardless of where the mouse pointer went, and this was very convenient. (pretty much like excel does) Sadly, in version 3, It's gone. So, no cell on the calendar is ever highlighted unless you actually enter something.

    By the way, is it possible to change the default calendar cell color from white to something else? They're all white now.

  4. Tue Aug 10 10:10:35 2021
    J Javier started the conversation Calendar question.

    In version 2, I used to point my mouse to any section of the calendar and I would be able to see the mouse pointer there. That doesn't seem to be the case any more. Also, using my left and right keyboard keys, I'd be able to move back and forward, but it doesn't work anymore. I need to press the little icon above to do it, which is odd.

  5. Tue Aug 10 10:05:58 2021

    I just installed the new version. I had my own collection of icons for every item in the calendar. Those icons are now gone. How Can I add my own icons to items in the calendar?

  6. 5 years ago
    Sat Feb 17 12:28:07 2018
    J Javier started the conversation So, what does your calendar look like??.

    So, what does your calendar look like?
    Here's mine:


  7. Sat Feb 17 12:17:06 2018
    J Javier started the conversation Let's promote DoogiePim!.

    Hi, You've been using DoggiePm ( doogiePIM ) for a while and you know how good it is... but not enough people know about it!
    How about if we give Chris a hand at promoting it a little?
    I added my review to "alternative.net" a site that a lof of people use.
    Please give your review and vote for it, so that more people know it!
    Here's the link: https://alternativeto.net/software/doogiepim

    You can also write a topic on facebook, twitter, etc if you like. Let's get doogiePim to the place it deserves!

  8. Mon Jan 8 12:48:45 2018

    Thanks Chris!
    (I never use the default folders to install news because I have 2 hds on my computer and the SSD is only 250GB, so I use the other instead.)

  9. Mon Jan 8 12:35:49 2018
    J Javier started the conversation Do I install version 2 on top of version 1?.

    Just purchased the upgrade.
    What's the recommended upgrade procedure?
    do I install on a different folder or same folder and simply click install on top of the older version?

  10. Fri Jan 5 13:53:03 2018
    J Javier posted in Happy New Year 2018.

    Happy new year to all DoogiePim Users!!

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