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    Sat Feb 17 12:28:07 2018
    J Javier started the conversation So, what does your calendar look like??.

    So, what does your calendar look like?
    Here's mine:


  2. Sat Feb 17 12:17:06 2018
    J Javier started the conversation Let's promote DoogiePim!.

    Hi, You've been using DoggiePm ( doogiePIM ) for a while and you know how good it is... but not enough people know about it!
    How about if we give Chris a hand at promoting it a little?
    I added my review to "alternative.net" a site that a lof of people use.
    Please give your review and vote for it, so that more people know it!
    Here's the link: https://alternativeto.net/software/doogiepim

    You can also write a topic on facebook, twitter, etc if you like. Let's get doogiePim to the place it deserves!

  3. Mon Jan 8 12:48:45 2018

    Thanks Chris!
    (I never use the default folders to install news because I have 2 hds on my computer and the SSD is only 250GB, so I use the other instead.)

  4. Mon Jan 8 12:35:49 2018
    J Javier started the conversation Do I install version 2 on top of version 1?.

    Just purchased the upgrade.
    What's the recommended upgrade procedure?
    do I install on a different folder or same folder and simply click install on top of the older version?

  5. Fri Jan 5 13:53:03 2018
    J Javier posted in Happy New Year 2018.

    Happy new year to all DoogiePim Users!!

  6. Wed Oct 4 17:57:23 2017

    Looking forward to checking out the new version!

  7. Tue Sep 5 11:20:10 2017

    Funny, because I was thinking the same without having read this thread!
    But flagging an event is a little cumbersome... particularly when you have a calendar full of events. I wish I could simply point at an event in the calendar en press a key (or a combination or keys) and then the event gets whichever flag I've pre-selected. (or it gets greyed out, or text is crossed out or whatever).
    I think this would be a pretty useful improvement for a lot of people.

  8. 3 years ago
    Mon May 8 18:48:05 2017

    No, not in the bubble popup (which is indeed an interesting idea). Actually, I meant this:


    Like I can understand that the program would preserve the font size, but not the other formatting.

  9. Mon May 8 06:57:08 2017
    J Javier started the conversation Calendar notes do not respect formatting.

    Hi there.
    I'm pretty happy with doogiePIM so far. :)

    Now, regarding the calendar, there's one thing that I find a little annoying:

    Sometimes I use the calendar to post a note with quick tasks list that I've gotta do that day (I find it a lot quicker than using the task manager for this purpose). The thing is, if I post the tasks in this format:

    • Item 1
    • Item 2
    • Item 3 (...)

    The calendar note doesn't respect the format and shows this instead:

    *Item 1 *Item 2 *Item 3

    It doesn't respect new lines.

    Also, if I cross out an item like this the note still displays it as normal text without the strike out effect.
    In fact, it doesn't respect any formatting whatsoever: Bold, colours, etc.
    So that would be my request: add a tick box saying: Respect formatting in note (if clicked).

  10. Wed Feb 1 02:06:37 2017

    Thanks Crhis, seems to be working just fine!

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