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    Thu May 6 12:13:03 2021
    R Ryan posted in 2 Feature Suggestions.

    Hi, I must vote very strong for Exchange support! My new organization only uses Exchange and therefore I am not sure how to use DoogiePim without it.

    I know it's a big task, but how likely is Exchange support in the near future?


  2. 5 months ago
    Fri Feb 5 08:26:10 2021

    Hi Chris,

    Incredibly good stuff!! The thing I think will be a game-changer for doogiePIM is having customized fields for Resources. This is the missing element for using doogiePIM for all important records, for example doctor's visits, project/meeting notes, project progress reports, seminar notes, call logs, knowledge base, etc. It's possible to "pigeonhole" these now, but they really need customized fields/attributes for maximum productivity.

    If you look at other powerful outliner software (no names mentioned), the ability to have custom fields and make entries for different situations is quite valuable. However, doogiePIM is superior in terms of ease of use IMO and adding this could be amazing.

    Just one question, is it possible to either have a new section for "Records", which would essential just be a clone of Resources but would avoid cluttering it with these other categories OR having another top folder level in Resources for "Records"?

    Great job Chris, really excited about doogiePIM and even with the features in V2 I've purchased a license and am moving my workflow from the many, many software I have licenses for to your product. After V3 it will be a no-brainer as the cross-linking and ease of use are simply unparalleled.

    Keep up the good work!
    - Ryan

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